The Great Pet Crash of 2012

I’ll be the first one to admit when I’m wrong and as some of you are aware, and even some people stopped following me on Twitter due to my strong opinions on the change to remove us from being able to trade wild pets. First off I want to say that I am bitter about it, but all personal feelings aside and the work I put it to write 4 solid post about pet battles became down right need to be rewrote now due to this out of the blue change.

Why Its Bad

Some people have pointed out that allowing us to trade and sell rare wild pets for gold would ruin the spirit of the game. Blizzard clearly feels this way as done many players. In fact the thread the blue post came from was from someone in beta who was given a high level pet and they went to a higher level zone to catch higher level pets. They felt they where cheating.

First off, yeah that IS cheating however there is one important factor you need to understand before you judge it. There are also people who believe that this would cause an imbalance, I read such post on twitter and on the forums. To be fair, it wouldn’t cause any other imbalance in the game then anything else would.

I guess people seem to forget all about the Cataclysm Ore Shuffle that last for so long that down right made people millionaires. One such person is Jim from Power Word Gold. To his credit he is an amazing gold maker and has fresh ideas for the community. However, he has stated in his live stream when asked how he made his gold, he said his first 300k was from the lazy Cataclysm shuffle he said his first good sum of gold was from the Cataclysm Shuffle.. but that’s beside the point I’m getting at. The question comes, if you made out by doing the Cataclysm shuffle, would you still have made out had you not been able to cut and vendor gems?

NOTE (update: July 29th 2012): I mean no disrespect to Jim or anyone else who made out by the shuffle. However personally I feel those who made out doing the Shuffle early on in Cataclysm who didn’t fully do the shuffle as it was met to be. I mean by simply buying ore, cutting gems and selling to the vendor for profit is lazy in my own opinion. Again that’s just one man’s opinion and shouldn’t be taken as a fact. To those people I offended by my comments I humbling apologies.

Pet Battle is NOT a Gold Sink

Maybe it was just my arrogance’s that got out of control and if I offend anyone with my comments about this I am truly sorry. But the fact still stands, that selling pets to other players is not a gold sink nor is selling any item in-game to another player a gold sink.

A Gold Sink is something in the game that removes wealth from players. A good example of this would be the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth, and coming in Mist of Pandaria, the Black Market Auction House is another good solid gold sink. The game needs gold sinks and simply put, the pet battle isn’t one. If I have a level 23 pet and I turn around and put it up for 100k and you buy it. All you really did was given me 100k, that gold is still in the game.

But if I where to buy something off the vendor, even the smallest item, that is a gold sink. So I hope that’s clear to anyone out there who thought this was going to be some kind of gold sink.

This is BETA

Another thing to remember and I think many people, mostly other gold makers who have put out posts already this week on a number of subjects about the change. That this is beta. Even know Blizzard did come out and say that this would go live. YES they did say this could change later on. It could change before then. Even know there are people who are for the change, I think their reasons are flawed.

I saw two common themes when people saying this was a good change. First was a shocker, that the wild pets, mostly rare ones where being sold for crazy amounts of gold on the Auction House, and this is some how unfair to players who don’t have that kind of gold. Well sorry to burst you bubble here.. but its BETA.

Don’t know about you, but I do not care about how much gold I have, how much I spend on items in beta. They could whip it clean and say “Sorry please recopy your characters” I level up Inscription to 600 and I spend 5k, 9k, 10k for stacks of herbs on the Auction House. I would not EVER do that on live even if I had a million gold. That’s simply stupid and to think that because the prices of beta are so high that how it’ll be once it goes live.

To be honest my stance on pets are simple, I’m still stockpiling; yes I have changed what pets I’m stocking up more. Even if the change goes to live and we get back all the extra pets back in our mail boxes (I really don’t see it happening personally) in the months head those pets will be out of the game.

I think there is on truth however; the pet market will crash and burn. I don’t know what the limit will be on how many of any one pet you can have. I mean can you have 5 max levels of any one pet? Or can you only have one at a time? Pets will only sell base on how many new players come into the game who don’t have mains with all the pets already. Its going to destroy the crafting pet market. We’ll just have to wait and see, it’s a huge risk on my part but even if I end up losing out early on.. it’ll just be a slow grind to get rid of them.