Hunter’s in Patch 5.0

With all the changes that we got for hunters in patch 5.0.4, let alone the changes to talents, the new glyphs but we also got some new stat changes. Right now I would have to say that Beast Mastery is the best spec for PVP right now, but then again now that we can choose any pet spec and make our spirit beasts cunning, I think it gives the spec more to do.

This is a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing in that it keeps some players away from the spec, some players like it simple. I suppose that is why Mages have always been on top in terms of being played (I personally see more people with Mages as a main then I do other classes, but they all have Hunters too). This isn’t base off any number it’s just a personal feeling I have about Mages, not that are an easy class but in all truth they don’t need to do very much to get the top of the damage meters for a long going time now.

So what about the bad? Well the bad thing we could get nerfed but I would hope they would rise the other two specs up. I haven’t played the other two specs in PVP yet. I’m planing on playing Marks some time tonight, just a few games to get a feel for it. I don’t have a max level Survival hunters to test out right now, but I do have a level 83 hunters I can make Survival and give it a try.

Personally I think the changes to hunters is great. I know many are not happy about it. There is just so much about this patch that makes the game just totally awesome that I can’t even start to tell you about it. Where do I start?

Hunter Pets

Sadly we didn’t get any new stable slots and likely wont get them, but there is a good chance if we keep telling them, maybe they will listen. There could be also some sort of new stable system in the works hidden that we don’t know they are working on yet. Maybe they have addressed it? I haven’t been in the loop with the latest news on hunters so I really don’t know 100%.

I’ve posted about the new hunter pets way back before I was gone. So many of you can go and check that post out in what new pets are, many of these can be tamed now I believe the goat has to be tamed in MoP Content however.

Hunter Stat Changes

In Mist we’re be using Mastery much more I think, there was a massive buff across the board for Mastery, not just for hunters. For example, when I last log my main before the patch my master was something like 18%, now it’s over 50% and I can tell you that the change really didn’t do much in terms of make anyone over powered.

The whole stat change effected everyone but it’s something to note that specs like Marks or Survival might want to give a mastery build out for PVP over say Crit, which was the stat of choice before the patch.

That is what I love so much about patches like this, it changes the way we play. Which isn’t always a good thing. I know one of the reason I changed from playing all my alts with max professions to building this new hunter profession army was all these changed was just too much to take in. It wasn’t like Wrath to Cataclysm where the talent system was generally the same, they just make it smaller and fewer choices.

Mist brings us so many changes it was just too much to have to deal with. Right now I think it’s best to focus on just the one class and maybe pick up the others later on when I have more time to do so.

Remember that the main change you need to worry about is that Hunters now require Expertise Rating to be fully hit capped. Remember also we no longer have a dead zone so if that warrior gets in your face, shoot him. There is also a note to take that the old hit rating for pvp was 5% it’s now 3% Ranged Hit to be hit capped in pvp. So remember that when you go to reforge your gear.