Mists of Pandaria Coming September 25

Since the beta hit, I was working and trying to figure out just when Mist was going to be release. This was important information for me to know because it weight in on many factors in terms of what to stockpile, how much gold I would need and how many mats would be needed. It also counted on time, the time that I would need to get ready.

Well about 3 days ago I finally put out my post in my very own prediction and I didn’t just shoot out and say it was going to be such a such date because that was what I wanted. I gave real hard data, base on past release dates of Cataclysm.

So there you have it Mist of Pandaria hits September 25th.

What can I do to get ready?

You can check out my past post where I talk about stockpiling of items, I have much more to talk about on the subject so stay tuned.

Make Gold now

That doesn’t mean you’re not able to make gold now to build up a stockpile and to have gold ready to go when launch comes.