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It’s been a while since I’ve posted about any gold-making. I’m sure at this point most people who used to visit the website for Warcraft-related news stopped coming.

Believe me, I understand as I’ve said it before, I believe if people truly support me and this website for what it stands for, people will read my content no matter what. That being said, I’m not totally done with the game. While the last few months all I’ve done is level a little bit, and jump on here and there for no more than maybe an hour.

20 Days of Gold Making

I haven’t fully given up on playing and I’m finding more time to play. My new job works out perfectly as I believe I’ll get some free time to play and still write for the site. But today’s post is a list, I know that the 20 Days of Gold Making was a big hit on many websites and did draw in some traffic.

Below is a list of all 20 posts I wrote for the series.

  • My Day 1 When did you start?
  • My Day 2 Did you set a goal?
  • My Day 3 First tips & tricks
  • My Day 4 When did you start a banker alt
  • My Day 5 Do you keep the same banker alt
  • My Day 6 Best market over the years
  • My Day 7 Starting over – how?
  • My Day 8 Did you reach your goal? Set a new one
  • My Day 9 Favorite niche market
  • My Day 10 Do you farm materials?
  • My Day 11 Lesser known gold making addons
  • My Day 12 Biggest Oops!
  • My Day 13 Biggest yay!
  • My Day 14 How much playtime was devoted to gold-making?
  • My Day 15 Professions
  • My Day 16 Flipping
  • My Day 17 Vendor Pets & pet battles
  • My Day 18 Advice for a New Gold Maker
  • My Day 19 Reward yourself for reaching your goal.
  • My Day 20 Share the blog love – my ‘must read’ suggestions

Special Thanks to Nev of Auction House Addict for the idea of the series. Thanks to everyone who also took part and remember if you do have questions about the game, hunters, or gold making you can email me, contact me, or send me a tweet.

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