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25 Day Pokemon Pack Challenge

25 Day Pokemon Pack Challenge

Hey guys, It’s Professor Prime here and I wanted to share with you our current little event we have going for this first of the year,

Welcome to Fight Club 2024.

Each year, Majin Planet first Event of the year runs from Jan 1st to March 30th. This year is also our 25 year anniversary. So each month we’re going to be doing something big.

This month we’re doing a Pokemon Pack Challenge. That means every day for 25 days I will buy 1 pokemon pack. I’ll open it and post it on Majin Planet TV and our TikTok channels, these videos are about 1min long.

What’s the Challenge then?

The goal is to see what kind of value we can get out of 25 random packs I’ll be buying at Walmart (or Target) if Walmart doesn’t have any.

At the end of the Challenge is where it gets spicy.

I’m giving away all the cards to one lucky winner on Patreon. The grand price will win all the cards plus some codes, the runner ups will all get a few codes each. Here is the breakdown:

  • First Place gets all the cards mailed to them + 7 codes.
  • 2nd Place gets 6 codes
  • 3rd Place gets 5 Codes
  • 4th Place gets 4 codes
  • 5th Place gets 3 codes.

How do you win?

In order to enter all you have to do is be a paid Patreon member. That is all you have to do, liking sharing and subscribing to Majin Planet TV or our TikTok is welcomed.

Winner will be announced February 8th.

Good Luck everyone and check out daily shorts of Pokemon Pack opening on Majin Planet TV.

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