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Today is a special post, outside what I normally post, the reason I’m posting today, it’s my 31st Birthday! Ya, I know shocking right? Most people who meet me in real life think I’m much younger. So I wanted to write a little post about the websites I run and also talk about the future of this website.

Hunter Mastery, Film Mastery, Neckar Unrivaled, and Majin Planet

For those who don’t know those are the four websites I currently run. You can check them out below.

Hunter Mastery – This website!
Film Mastery – My entertainment website, focuses on movies, TV shows, comics, and reviews.
Majin Planet – My Dragon Ball Z Music Video site, has been around since 1999!
Neckar Unrivaled – My relaunched Web Design and Tech website.

As everyone knows I’ve been in and out of the game since before the launch of Mist in 2012, there have been some changes around here, some tires that did fail (making the website a gaming theme website other than wow). I do have some ideas because many people are well ahead of me, I’m still a gold maker, and I still enjoy playing my hunter so that won’t change. However, I’m thinking of taking it another way and over-talking about the current events to talk about the past and how it affects the now. I will also do my best to cover the beta of the next expansion when it comes out and if I get into the beta.

Today I’m going to be taking it easy and spend some time with my fiance and family. Hope everyone is having a great time and thanks to everyone for supporting and reading Hunter Mastery.com!

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