Written byProfessor Prime

Banner Contest

The Banner Contest is back online!!!!!

Now for thoughs of you not familar with the banner contest the way it works is you make a banner meeting the certain recuirements i list below, I post the entries on the site and the fans vote for there favorite banner, and that banner goes up on the site as the new banner. Here are the Rules

01) Banner must be 780 in width and 162 in height.
02) Keep in mind that the banner will be going on the currently layout so keep a dark color sheem in mind while making it.
03) Make sure to keep a black space at some point in the top “top right, top left or top center” for the drop down menu.
04) Banners must be e-mailed to Majin Trunks only otherwise your entrie will be ignored.
05) All entreis must be in by October 10, 2003.

E-mail all entreis to MajinTrunks1006@hotmail.com

– MajinTrunks –