BotCon 2022 – Don’t Miss it!

Jun 14, 2022The Blog

Welcome to BotCon, I’m gonna say that there is a massive disconnect between what BotCon wants and what BotCon is today. I’m not gonna dive too much into the past history of BotCon simply because a lot of it really rough to go into. There are some things that are he-said-she-said as well as things that did happen that hurt BotCon.

BotCon is Back!

Yes, BotCon is back and I’ve been following it for some time. I wanted to try and hit it up this year but it really feels like I won’t be able to go to many cons this year as I hoped. Myself and Mr. J wanted to head up TF Con this year, but sadly that doesn’t seem like it will be happening. But I wanna come out and say that BotCon coming back and happening this year makes me happy. Being a big Transformers fan and fan of robots/being that transform is something I’ve really enjoyed. This is why I enjoy shows and media like Kamen Rider, Transformers, Super Sentai/Power Rangers, Robotech, Macross, Gundam, and Voltron. Just to name a few of them.

Are you going to BotCon 2022?

So my question I have for you is if you head over to the BotCon website, you can now signup for this year’s BotCon which will be on August 25th-28th in Nashville, Tennessee. You can sign up today or check out all the information as well as the current guest list.

Also, check out Bobby Skullface Interviewed Agabyss who is the current organizer of BotCon. You can watch it below with the YouTube Video.

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