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Call to Auction – Episode 29 Reivew

Call to Auction – Episode 29 ReivewI have to say that I’m really thrilled to know that Call to Auction is official I suppose you could say that back now. It’s been about three new episodes in, and the last one I reviewed was episode 27, I have always planned on doing one for episode 28 but as with things I fell behind, and then they released a new one.

That being said let me start off by saying that if you’re looking for some really good gold tips and ideas on how to make gold in World of Warcraft, going back and listening to the past 26 or so episodes of Call to Auction, most of which where release in the end days of Wrath of the Lich King, are still useful today.

The Review

Looking back at past episodes, you’ve had a number of people who have come and gone, BigJimm, Markco, and Faeghleis. Today however we have both Euripides and Stede and I must say, this Stede guy knows his stuff. I’ve always wondered what the show would end up being if Euripides just did the show solo, but it seems that he enjoys more talking about gold-making with another person than just talking about himself.

With that being said they talked about a great number of subjects that all seem to link together, such as the start of raid testing. As we all know the next expansion is coming.. in this case, Mist of Pandaria. One of the big chats was that of making mistakes and gold mines. Such as Glyphmas and the Epic Gem Fail. For those of you who don’t remember, back in the days of the PTR for Cataclysm pre-patch, there was a change to the Wrath Epic Gems being removed from the cooldown, which was fixed in live when the patches were released.

Also, Stede took a moment to remind listeners that when you use any sort of premium service you should always make sure that it’s canceled. He had a big of issue with Curse’s Premium plan, which lets you save your add-on data across different computers which is great for those of us in the Auction House Business of making gold.

We got some news come the beta in the form of the new crafting reagent Spirit of Harmony, which is funny and it’s always like this, the information and discussions about it sort of changed hours after they released the podcast. It’s a good discussion and worth listening to when it comes to how crafting reagents are sometimes put behind walls to prevent us gold makers from getting in there and crafting a storm of them up.

This lends us to the topic of gating. For those of you who don’t remember how we were gated from a number of patterns in Cataclysm and how that will affect crafting come the next. Again another great discussion that one would expect from Call to Auction.

Overall they really gave a whole lot of solid information for gold makers and just players in general. I didn’t even cover every little bit of the subject matter they talked about. If you want to know we’ll you’ll just have to go and listen to the podcast yourself. I recommend that you use iTunes to add them to your feed to get the latest updates and be sure to link them and give them an e-mail.

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