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ClockworkRiot LiteCast Review

Today I would like to turn my readers to a new podcast, labeled as a ‘LiteCast’ recorded by Faid (@GoClockworkRiot) from Clockwork Riot. The ClockworkRiot LiteCast has reached its 5th episode, which generally when a Podcast reaches this they are at least gonna stick around for a while. This however isn’t 100% true, but at this point, I feel that a podcast has had enough solid episodes that call for a review.

So what is that ClockworkRiot LiteCast? It’s simply a short 10 to 30-minute podcast by Faid where she talks about god-making. In the very first episode, she explains the reasons behind her doing it. Simply put a medium for her to discuss gold-making topics she finds she wants to talk about but doesn’t feel it’s worth a post or video.

Basically, the format of the show is an email podcast. You as a listener can send Faid an email, which you have a chance to read and answer on the show. Opening the show has normally been some sort of news or update of her blog or correcting a mistake made in the last podcast she did.

These generally have been mistaken saying the email one way on the show but posting it another way causing confusion among listeners. Correcting a name or crediting someone where credit is due. The closing of each podcast is featured farming spots which again you can email in for this as well.

The Review

Hats off to Faid, for everything she’s been doing in the last year or so that I’ve followed her. Since her start or we’re most of the current gold makers were ‘found’ in the weekly JMTC meeting. Now that her LiteCast has reached its 5th episode I will be reviewing each of the new episodes she does from now on, on a weekly basis, or whenever she releases episodes.

Episode 5 was pretty good, she answered some questions gave some really good tips, and talked about Transmog, the Shuffle, and the Gem Market. This week she featured a number of readers and pushed out to be her second longest release so far after a month of being AFK.

She starts off explaining why she was gone, taking a break is always a good thing. I myself have taken a number of breaks, sometimes too often. One of the subjects that came up was the Abyssal Shatter, which was an idea I myself had a few months ago and was a great bag saver for Mist Stockpiling.

Overall, pretty solid episode, worth a listen to if you thinking about getting into the Gem Market or just need something to listen to while you working on your own path to the gold cap. I can see this becoming a bigger podcast for Faid as time goes on. More and more people will submit questions, which is in some ways too bad because I really enjoy the Power Word Gold Podcast episodes where she was there and for a while there she was sort of co-host.

Yet it seems those days are over for Faid as she has moved on and made her own name and brand as you could say with the change over from Nerf Faid to Clockwork Riot about 4 months back. I think things have gone well for her. So go ahead and check it out, you can follow her podcast from the website itself at ClockworkRiot.com or you can follow her on iTunes here.

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