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Aug 29, 2020The Blog

If you’re reading this then you are lucky enough to be reading the new Majin Planet TV website. Yes, Majin Planet TV. Over the last few months, while things on Facebook Gaming has been going amazing, I’ve been fighting with myself about starting over.

Good-bye Majin Planet?

Yes, I’ve been thinking about closing Majin Planet down, including the website, social media, everything. But why? The biggest issue I’ve faced is when people ask me, what is Majin Planet about. When trying to come up with new content. Should I do this or this? I always answer with the, well it’s a little of everything. If anything from Dragon Ball Final and Hunter Mastery showed me, was focusing a niche works better. Unless you already have 10,000 fans that are.

While I played with the idea of starting over, at the end of the day. I’ve put too much time into Majin Planet, plus the start-up cost is high. I also thought of the fans I do have. I think it would upset some if not all to start over.

Keeping it simple: Toys!

Since 2016 I’ve been kind of collecting some crazy amount of toys. Everything from my Pop crazy lasting until about 2018, to Transformers, Power Rangers/Super Sentai Mech, Kamen Rider Belts, Marvel Legends, etc. People are generally in awe when they see my collection of stuff. I’m not one of those people who buys things to buy them. While I do have a good amount of stuff I really don’t know what to do with. I have often picked up stuff because I wanted it vs needing it.

Not only did I make the website simple, by starting it 100% over. But focusing my content on Toys, collecting, and everything that has to do with Toys in general. I think will really bring focus to Majin Planet.

Collecting to Save the World

Majin Planet has always been kind of about, this Am I Evil, Yes I am tag line. It was something come up with by Majin Mebs or someone a long time ago. I kept it out of spirit and it’s still a good tag line and something that I’m not tossing away. I’ve always wanted to make people simple and their life happy, to save your world. That is where the whole Majin Planet Save the World kind of came from. From there it has all been coming together.

It’s a Beta

I’m officially launching Majin Planet TV has a brand in September. We’re having a live stream event on the 6th. Over the weekend however and maybe until Wednesday, I wanted to do some hard test of the site with real visitors. Believe it or not, Majin Planet still gets some traffic. I’ve always sent people to Facebook vs the site because I wasn’t happy with the site.

The website was kind of a mash-up of stuff. It was ugly. I had old content written poorly. I had stuff that didn’t make sense. Trying to keep the past sometimes is best left for the archives.

Enjoy the new website. Things might break as I work on them. It may be down here and there as I work on it. Your feedback is super important!

Your Feedback is Important!


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