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Day 5 – 20 Days of Gold Making

It’s been a while and I feel that in some ways I haven’t really reconnected with the community as much as I would have hoped to. To be honest with everyone I’m not shocked simply because I know everyone out there is searching for the latest “gold-making” tips and tricks. They want to know about the shuffle or the best and quickest way to make gold.

With all that said, I would like to keep going forward with my plan to write about my past in gold making and I’ll start today off with another entry into the 20 Days of Gold Making. The idea came from Auction House Addict, a blog written by Nev so again thanks for giving me something to write.

Do you keep the same banker alt or do you change them up occasionally? Why?

This is sort of a follow-up to the last question that I wrote about here in why we use bank alts. So be sure to read yesterday’s post before you take a stab at this one. First off, did I change them often?

The short answer is yes the long answer is no. I played for a long time and I can tell you that at least 20% of my gold went to changing bank alts. The biggest issue is you are the kind of player who only uses a level 1 alt for banking is first time and then gold.

First – You need to make your new alt and then run them to said city, depending on if you’re horde or alliance. Once you get there, the gold spending comes.

Second – If need a guild bank for your alt, well you either need to have 4 active accounts and able to have at least two games running to create the guild or have four friends. The worst case is finding four people whose case might cost you anywhere from 1g to 20g depending on how fast you want it done. I’ve seen people give 100g a signature!

Third – The last thing and the most important is bags. You want to have the biggest bag you can get most cases 16 slots work just fine, but in time 20 slots and even 26 or higher might be ideal. This is where gold comes into play. Being that bags are soulbound, if you buy 26 slot bags enough to fill you’re on hand bags which is 4, and then your bank. When you decide to make a new one.. well you have to do that all over again.

Trust me I’ve been there and done that. Now I’ve never spent more than 20 slot bags before and in most cases, I farm the mats and make the bags myself. I would say either way it’s money lost.

One of the key things I did early on in my gold-making was spending too much time making alts. I didn’t talk about pimping your alt out in level 1 gear to make him or her look awesome or sexy, I didn’t talk about the cost of gold sending items to your bank alt. Some of you might go; “Not a big deal if I spend 1,000g on a bank alt when I’ll pull in 50k later.” This is true, but that is still 1k gone and for someone who might not have that to spend or someone like me when I started, it can make or break you.

In my early days, I did break myself a few times, but with the knowledge I had, I was able to rebuild back up. In the end, I end up just using my everyday crafting alts as bank alts for their products then sending it all to just one or two characters to send. Even with that system, the only character I really had an off alt for was my main as I hated having my bags full of crafting mats or goods I was waiting to sell.

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