Early Reports that Morbius is Bad

Mar 23, 2022The Blog

So it’s been about 3 weeks now since the Batman and our Two Fat Guys at the Movies review of that film. Which I’ll admit was sort of a mess. I’m aware of this and going forward, starting with Morbius, we got a new sort of format we’re gonna do with this upcoming Morbius Review, which now, will come out likely on Friday.

Honestly, the faster the better in my opinion. Now, there have been some massive reports, mostly I think from other blogs trying to create hype (for their own blog) vs hype for the movies themselves. That the movie is bad. But not just hat, that Morbius itself has been not only cut down to remove any ties to Spider-Man himself but even the larger MCU.

Is Morbius in the MCU?

A question you and I have asked. The given first trailer and the epic stinger of Adrian Toomes, aka The Vulture, show up at the end. Hype us all, even before we even say anything for Spider-Man No Way Home. It became even more clear when the new trailer dropped Venom, with Morbius saying the name. The show of the Sami Rami Spider-Man suit with the name Murder on it.

We all know that end of Far from Home, Spider-Man was seen as being a murderer of Mysterio. So if Morbius did in fact take place in the MCU, even with Venom crossing over as mostly nothing more than a mid-credit scene.

Are the reports true?

I highly doubt that Sony would not only shoot and film shots of Vulture, the same actor and all, show Spider-Man (which I’m sure the film would have flipped the image to be of Tom Holland’s version in the final cut, and even some how to tie to Venom. Only to cut it all out after the film was supposed to come out I think it was Summer 2020 or something.

Would be horrible, stupid, and really put cause me to lose faith in Sony and prove to me that for the most part, Marvel had control over the Spider-Man film more so than Sony did. Why build up so much to some crazy cross-over between Marvel and Sony with Spider-man, only to kill it with releasing a really bad film.

Connection issues

Yes, the time frame with Morbius takes place given the trailers, and what we know of the MCU and No Way Home is weird. Because yes we are in the mutli-verse now and maybe this film takes place in another universe. I was hoping the Amazing Spider-Man universe or heck I’d be okay with this taking place in the Sami Rami universe. That one makes the most sense because Spider-Man on the wall is the Sami Rami version, Venom was in Spider-Man 3, maybe that was the name he was given by J.J. Remember, none of the bad guys really named themselves. That was The Daily Bugle and mostly day Jonah Jameson who named the villains in the paper.

Also, we never got to see the Vulture in that universe and the rumors of Spider-Man 4 was going to use Kraven the Hunter and Vulture as the prime villains. So maybe, it could be that Sony and Marvel are using the same actor so everyone would understand who it is, without having to really explain someone new playing the Vulture.

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