Written byProfessor Prime

Easter Break

Hello everyone, holy crap it’s been pretty much a month now since I even posted anything. I’ve had a number of posts in the draft that I’ve been working on for a while now, but nothing has been finished to make it to public viewing. I’m sure you can all understand that. I’ve got some good news for everyone, however.

First I want to take the time to say Happy Easter, I know it’s pretty late, almost April first now! Well here are some things I want to put out there. First off, I’ve been reading a lot of really cool PTR changes on hunters I love all of the changes, but the problem with this being so close to the first… I’m a little afraid that they will be April Fool Jokes…

So yeah today is going to be a short little update. I’m going to be coming back to WoW for 5.3 so I can at least play the end and see what might come next. Nothing for sure, but I’ll be trying to hit the gold cap before Mist ends, that will be my main goal. I might get back into PVP but I know I’ve missed so much and it’ll be hard to get to 90 which is all I’m going to do right now is push my main to 90 and everything.

I’m going to write some new blog series about it and keep up my 20 days of gold-making series as well. Until then everyone take care, I’m taking about a week off so I won’t have anything posted until next week of April.