Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Welcome to the Majin Planet FAQ section of the website. Here you can learn about he past of Majin Planet, who ran it, what has Majin Planet be about over the last 20 years.

Majin Planet

The Website

What is Majin Planet?

Majin Planet was originally a Dragon Ball Music Video and Fan Fiction website. Founded with Music Videos and Fan Fiction about Dragon Ball Z. This was Majin Planet from 1999 to 2005.

Who was the Founder of Majin Planet?

MajinMebs was the original founder of Majin Planet back on December 13th, 1999.

Why did MajinMebs leave Majin Planet?

MajinMeb took on Corrupted Avatar as a co-admin around 2001-2002. He officially took over when MajinMeb left for other things in 2002.

Who is Prince Majin Trucks?

Prince Majin Trucks was a Webmaster and owner of Majin Planet after Corrupted Avatar left in 2003,