-- Features

Majin Planet Features a tone of content, far beyond writing. There is so much to come as we move beyond Phase One.

Stick around and check out all the cool features Majin Planet hosts.

-- Majin War

What is Majin War?

Majin War was a series of special events between two or more websites or content creators of Majin Planet.

The first one was many years ago, a forgotten tale. The second Majin War was Majin Planet Productions (Myself) vs Majin Planet Generations (Prince Majin Trucks). Fate was decided by the event named Dynasty.

-- Music Videos

Back in 1999, Majin Mebs created Majin Planet, and along with that came the Dragon Ball Z Music Videos. While not the first, Majin Planet Music Videos were known by the community back in the day.

Majin Planet Music was created in 2022 to honor the Music Video side of Majin Planet.  You can check out Majin Planet Music on YouTube or the Music Video page.

"It will take more than head games to stop me. You may have invaded my mind and my body, but there's one thing a saiyan always keeps... his PRIDE!"

Majin Vegeta to Goku "Buu Saga"
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