Final Evolution 2020

Sep 8, 2020The Blog

Welcome to the Final Evolution! It’s been a long time since this event even happened. In fact, I think the last time this event even took place was in 2007. Back then Majin Planet events where little contests between Graphic Wars and AMV Raw, which was a sort of WWE style event. I’ve been trying to run contests since the whole COVID-19 thing which has stopped me from having ‘game nights’ sort of style events. I wanted to give you guys something to watch for and such the new Event format has been born. This time, however, going to run things a little differently.

So what is Final Evolution?

Final Evolution is Majin Planet’s September contests. We’re trying something new this time around. I’ve decided to use a free plugin to keep track of all the winning, which is easier and fair for all those who wish to enter. All you have to do it enter using one of the following actions.

  • Follow us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Follow us on Instagram
  • Watch some Two Fat Guys at the Movies.
  • Tweet out the contests

Each one will earn you 1 entry into the contests.  I’m using a plugin called RafflePress which has a lot of features. It also costs a lot. You can do the yearly plans and a Lifetime plan which gives you access to more features. Features that I’d love to use. However, I would hate to spend money on a feature that won’t end up being used. That is why this contest event is going to run on a the lite version. If it’s a hit and we have a lot of people enter, then I’ll upgrade to unlock even more for next month’s event.

Final Evolution 2020 Contest

This month, for Final Evolution, the theme is Pokemon, as such with the latest Pokemon Sword and Shield, I’ll be streaming it much more going forward this month. As such, I wanted to give away the DLC for the games. As much as I personally dislike the idea of DLC for games. But I know many of you like them and enjoy them. So I’ll be giving away one DLC code to use for your Nintendo Switch system. Please see the contest rules and terms below. The winner will be announced and picked randomly live on Facebook Gaming on September 26th at 3 PM. The contest itself will end at midnight on September 25th. This is the limitation of the plugin.

Again, given how this contest goes if I pay for the upgrade.

How about those who donate Stars/Patron?

That is a good question, what I’ll do for those who watch live and give stars, to make it fair the top 3 star givers will get 10 entries into the contests. This is something I have to do manually as the plugin has no options for this. This means you will already have to be entered with the same name/username you use on Facebook Gaming. Otherwise, I won’t be able to enter your entry. For those who wish to donate $1 a month to me by our Majin Planet Patron and join the Collective Bay, you will get 200 entry points.

Here is the math. There are 19 days until the contest ends. That means if I streamed every day until then, you could earn 10 entries a stream (if you’re one of the top 3 givers). That is 190. I rouned it up to 200 because I value those who becoming Majin Planet Patrons and those who have joined the Collectors Bay. Soon I’ll be adding the Join button to YouTube and you can also earn points there as well. This is all a beta phase for the contests to see how it works out. I’m open to feedback.

Event Begins Live on Facebook Gaming

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