First Impressions of Season 1, Episode 1 of Halo

Mar 26, 2022The Blog

Hello everyone and today we’re gonna talk about the new Halo TV show that just came out a few days ago. You can watch it on Paramount+, which is a pretty good low price of $4.99 a month. Along with the library of Paramount movies and TV, you also get access to the large library of Showtime, which is the show’s producer.

Okay, so I’ve seen Episode 1 of Halo, and I wanna say this right off the bat. I’m not a massive Halo fan. I’ve played Halo, Halo 2, and Halo 4. Never read any of the books, I haven’t even played the new Halo game that came out, Halo Infinite. However, my friend Kid Grave on YouTube streams the game. He’s now moved on to Warzone. But because of him, I’ve seen some gameplay of it.

First Impressions of Halo Season 1

So my overall first impression from seeing the trailer was, wow this is gonna be bad. I remember they wanted to make a movie like years ago. Even before the whole MCU and all the other stuff we’ve gotten since 2008. I remember the talk right after the last Lord of the Rings film and that Peter Jackson was gonna write and direct it.

That being said, boy, and I’m glad I went out of my way to watch it. There is a lot of lore that was shown, such as the UNSC, the aliens that you fight in most of the games, etc. We get a little bit of the overall build of the universe in the first episode.

For TV the CG is Good

Now, there were some of the first episodes that were just a bit rushed and over the top for me. I will go more in detail with a full spoiler review I’m going to do in Video format later. What I’m gonna say here, is there was some stuff that was just, I could tell it was fake. But for the most part, after the first big action fight in the start, I got drawn right into it.

Video game franchises that are turned into live-action often don’t work. It always comes down to lack of a good story to really base itself off, such as Mario Brothers, back when that movie was made, there wasn’t much (still isn’t much) of a story to really build an hour film on. Sonic was a surprise even know it went way off what the games are. Mortal Kombat is another one when first done didn’t much much to base off. But has grown into a rich history.

I could go on, but generally have things that appeal to those who never played the games or not every much and to those who have. The hardcore fans. Just like the MCU I’ve always said, it comes down to telling people about the universe and the characters to someone who’s never played it.

WIll Halo Season 1 Be Good?

So far, I was sucked in. There is a lot about Halo I don’t know or remember the story. Remember Halo like any major franchise in a video game has many plot holes, changes, and retcons over the years. For example, the main character Master Chief is mainly a machine. Not so much human, but this is the one thing I will say. They are making him human.

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