Happy Anniversary Majin Planet, Turning 23

Dec 14, 2022The Blog

Another year has passed and for many of you. You may not be aware, that Majin Planet’s grand opening was today, sometime around 5 or so in the afternoon. That’s right, Majin Planet went online as a fan website, mainly focusing on Fan Fiction of Dragon Ball Z as well Music Videos back on December 14th, 1999. Majin Mebs open the site, the webmaster as you would back then.

Happy Anniversary Majin Planet!

You may be asking, why no big event, no special live stream, nothing. I mean seems to be something I did every year. Well, that’s true, I did do something super big every year. The problem is, no one cares every year. Unless it’s those big milestones like 20, 25, 30, 35, etc. This is why this year, early on I made the decision to not host something major this year. I wanna wait until 2024.

But how do I know Majin Planet will still be a thing in 2024?

Only the big years

Rather than a year, because I took over the Majin Planet name in 2005. Turning it into a brand many years later. The reason I know this, is because, over the last ten, I’ve had a number of restarts. Like wanting to just stop doing it together. Leaving the website up and just forgetting about it. I have that thought almost once or twice a year.

I really believe in what I’m doing and it did take a very long time for me to realize that I didn’t have to be what past webmasters before me did. Each and every one of them tried to keep the site the same. Dragon Ball Z, Music Videos, and written content by fans was an idea back in early 2000.

The End of an Era

The whole having a fan website about an anime you loved died in 2008 when NartuoFan took over the idea that not only did you not have to make any good content about the anime you loved. All you had to do was upload the manga and sub-episodes and not only would you get massive amounts of traffic. Which mind you people did.

You could make money off it.

It may seem like a long past memory now, but mind you, back in 2008, NarutoFan charged people to download full episodes of Naruto that were in fact sub by fans who did it for free. For at least 4 years, they charged people something like 15 bucks a month or something. To get “high speed” downloads of Raw episodes as well as the Sub versions when released. Same for Manga. They had a massive library of all anime of the time, plus the new stuff coming out. Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, etc.

Streaming Services

I only bring this up, because today no one would even think about that. You have every streaming service under the sun and even if you don’t wanna pay for Hulu, Netflix, or Crunchyroll. There are shocking a number of websites that stream full series of anime.

Honestly, the only reason I think many of them are even still online is that they don’t operate in the United States. Plus they’re also not charging you any kind of fee. You just click and watch. Not even make you sign up.

At one point, I wanted to turn Majin Planet into a streaming service, streaming Music Videos the former members made, plus at one point even Dragon Ball. I realized how much that was a mistake. Both in time and legally.

The Rebirth

Wiki pages rule the world and I knew I could never really myself compare. That’s why the switch to a more blog format in 2016 became normal. Along with it the opening of the door that Majin Planet, while the name is forever tied to Dragon Ball, mainly the Buu Saga, didn’t have to always be that.

It had been slow. Really slow.

Along the way, I started trying things, the focus on Streaming and playing Games. While the whole idea of playing a video game and making money on it was great back in 2014 maybe. In 2022 not so much. There are simply too many people doing the exact same thing.

Video Game, camera. Maybe things in streaming I’ve moved away from. Coming soon Screens, almost BRB screens I’ve sort of pushed away. Only in extreme cases. Heck, I’ve even done away with Ending Screens. They aren’t needed. This is why over this last year, I’ve slowed down on streaming games.

Beyond Majin Planet 2023

Don’t get me wrong, I love playing video games, but I think a stream about playing a video game needs to be more than just that. I’ve even pushed my streaming down to just twice a week, 7 PM CST Monday and Wednesday.

That is why going forward in 2023, you’ll see me doing far more streams of playing with Toys. Building Lego sets or model kits. I find it more interactive and can hold more of a discussion with viewers than me killing mobs in WOW or taking on noobs in Fortnite. I know the news of this may upset many of my friends.

But at the end of the day, I’m also 40, and a lot of games just don’t really appeal to me anymore. Games that I would have been playing for hours 20 years ago, even 10 years ago. I find myself not caring. The sad truth of either getting older or knowing that time is running out.

Out of Time

As far back as when I was 24 when I was 150+ pounds bigger and likely doing nothing. The time of my life was a blur. Playing Magic and playing Diablo 2. I often had days of thinking about the, is this my last day sort of feeling? A person’s life can end at any time for any reason. A scary feeling to have.

The older I get, the more I realize that I didn’t take care of myself growing up. I’m seeing many of those things starting to hit me. I use to be lucky if I got sick once a year. Now I find myself going to the doctor more often. Feeling sicker and weaker than I used to be.

I stop and think about my legacy.

Majin Planet Legacy

For a man who is 40 years old, has no kids, no girlfriend, wife, some debt, and a load of toys and time. You ask yourself, what about my legacy? Everyone has their own idea of legacy. Let it be them doing something for the community, their kids, or something.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying I’m gonna be gone in the next few years. In fact, I’d like to think I have 60 more years under me. I mean that would put me in my 80s.

Yes, putting a number to how much time I have left, it’s scary. But 60 years is still a long time. When it does come to an end. I hope the legacy I leave behind is this website. Even now in 60 years, websites like YouTube, Twitch, heck even Facebook may long be gone. Replaced with the new thing. Which is why I back up everything I make now. I’ve lost a lot of videos from the past.


We still got a long time to go. While I focus more on collecting, discussing movies, reactions to what I like, and a few games. I’m old and there are a set number of things I wanna do. I’ve got plans for 2023.

Not ready to say what they are. I feel like if I say it, I won’t do it. Majin Planet can only get better. The big thing I’m thrilled about, however. Dragon Ball Super is supposed to be back in 2023 and I’m so ready for it!

Happy Birthday Majin Planet, another one in the books.

Here is the 21 Years of Majin Planet Trailer I made a few years ago.

Until Next Time.

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