Learn how YOU can support Majin Planet

Sep 19, 2020The Blog

So how do I support Majin Planet? I’ve been asked this time and time again. I wanna be able to support Majin Planet, how would I do that? Well, there are several ways you can support the site, stream, and on social media totally for free. The biggest thing you can do for us is watching. Watching our YouTube Videos. Many content creators worry about the number of followers and subs they have. You can have a million subscribers on YouTube, but if no one is watching your videos. YouTube won’t recommend it to anyone. The same thing goes for Facebook Gaming. If you have 10 or 10,000 followers on your page. When you go live, you’ll be lucky to have 1-3 people watching.

Why is Watch Time more important than followers?

The way the algorithm on YouTube and Facebook works is base on watch time. YouTube made this change way back in 2016. Have you ever watched someone on YouTube, liked their stuff maybe even followed. A few days later, you start watching something different. Only to noticed a few days later when you go back you video A, you don’t find it unless you go directly to that user’s page?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on a Marvel Actor Interview watch party to watching Dragon ball Z clips. After I’ve watched those interviews, YouTube will start to not only recommend to me some of the same content I’ve already watched but other interviews that may not have anything to do with marvel. But I searched for something else. Dragon Ball Z videos. It starts to mix it up. If I keep watching, YouTube will slowly stop showing me those interview videos.

As content creators, it’s important to keep our content in front of you. Not everything is gonna be a hit, and not everyone is gonna like you. That is okay. Facebook works the same way. If you follow someone on Facebook, if you don’t interact with that person or page, it shows you less of them. The algorithm things you’re not interested in them anymore. Of course, it won’t unfollow you from them. Because you may be interested in that content, not just right now.

So all I have to do is watch?

Pretty much, when I go live on Facebook, all you need to do is watch. Sure you can toss a like or share if you wanna share the content. If you wanna drop some stars that is awesome. Heck even if you wanna go as far as join the Collectors Bay and spend $1 a month on Patreon. Awesome! But the longer you watch, the more Facebook thinks that I’m important and will not just keep recommending you my content, but will also start to push my content to other people.

This is the key, it’s not so much to keep me in front of you. Because we all know you love me and support me. But let’s meet new awesome people too. This same trick works for YouTube. The more people watch, the more YouTube’s algorithm thinks, this content is important, let’s recommend it to others who watch the same content.

Just tell me what I need to do.

  • Not a problem, to support Majin Planet both costing you some money and for free where is what you need to do.
  • Watch our YouTube Videos on Majin Planet TV, like them, and share them.
  • Watch our TikTok Videos, like them, and share them.
  • Like our Instagram photos and share them.
  • When we are live on Facebook, simply watch for 10-30mins at a time. Like and share to the correct groups and pages.
  • Send 10 stars while LIVE, the more you send the more crazy stuff will happen on stream.
  • Buy something off our Amazon Wish list. More content we can make.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you guys so much for all the support you give.

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