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I would be lying if I didn’t say I was giving it all up

As the title says, I almost gave up, in fact, I did give up a whole lot of things in a short time frame. I was going to give it all up and I did for a short time. What am I talking about? Well the first thing that is super hard for me to admit here, but I know writing it out will help.

I had a mental breakdown, sort of, a midlife crisis if you will. I’m only 40, I thought it was something that happened when you’re 50 or when you’re 30 or something. Not sure if I would even call it that. What is important is that for a few days, I had tossed in the towel. I end up deleting 90% of my social media accounts. I grab my backup disks and tossed them in the trash.

No more.

No more Majin Planet; no more silly dream, it’s been almost 25 years and I still haven’t made it. Time to call it game over.

Well that was what my mind was thinking as I deleted my Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, you name it. All of it when goodbye, I didn’t say anything. I didn’t give a heads-up to friends or family. Most of them only knew how to get ahold of me by  Facebook Messager. I also got rid of Twitch and was like, no more streaming. No more making YouTube videos.

No one watches anyway. Why am I bothering with all of this anyways? That was my thought process as I was trying to get my mind wrapped around everything that was happening. I even deleted my website online. Years of work were all taken away. And no one is to blame but me.

Of course, you’re reading this.

How did I give up if you’re reading this? Right, that was the same thing I said after only a few days, 3 days to be honest. Then something kind of hit me. Maybe that was the problem, I had too much going on and couldn’t focus.

Coming home from a 9-hour+ day shift of work was always draining. I get two days off. I always say I’m gonna get all this done! But I don’t, I get some stuff done, and the rest I end up just watching TV and sighing, giving up on doing everything I wanted to do.

So I had to ask myself.

What did I want to do? So I wrote a list of what I liked to do when I first started this website.

The first thing I wrong down was reviews. For those who might remember, I use to do reviews, written ones on Movies, Anime, and games I liked. Another thing I took a little time to think about, was I liked to show my friends my toys.

My Transformers, my Marvel figures, my books, my cards. My cool deck that’s not very good. It wasn’t about showing you how bad something was or how good it was. Because mind you, I tend to not buy stuff that is bad. Sometimes, you think it’ll be good.

Turns out bad.

I was sad really when I looked at what I was doing and said, may I’m just not good at this TikTok thing. I don’t really use Snapchat. Even know a few of my friends who are my age used it, but most of them are younger. I like streaming but I had zero plan on what I was even doing with it. I was too focused on playing the games my friends wanted me to play and not what I liked to play.

So Streaming had to go, for now. YouTube, I do like the process of making videos, but I know I’ll never reach 100k followers, not yet anyways.

What came to mind, was Phase One of Marvel. They had no following, well no one believe in them because they used characters no one even knew really. Only hardcore fans did. They kept it very simple and had a goal.

Now, look at them. Making bad movies like everyone else! I’m so proud of you!

In all seriousness, as much as I want to be a “YouTuber’ on paper, I’ve always been a blogger, a writer first. Yet somehow I’ve missed that part of the whole video process. What I want is to return to basics, kind of like going back to 1996, and telling myself then, all that can be done. What doesn’t work; and what does work.

So that brings me to Phase One. You may notice that the logo is super simple and just has Phase one under it. Because that is what I’m doing. Everything that I simply can’t do right now, I’ve put away. No more streaming, no more YouTube, no more trying to post shorts, take photos, and do all this other social media stuff.

It’s too much.

I’m 40 now, and while I don’t think I’m gonna be doing tomorrow, I know that with how I feel right now, which still is a strong feeling of giving up, depression, and sadness with how my life turned out. I know, deep down, I can do it. I’ve done it but never kept going because; too much at once.

So going back to basics, my goal in phase one is this. To write again. To rebuild the website to where it needs to be. To write daily, to make it look the way I want, to keep it simple, and keep it real.

I want to write movie reviews again.

I want to write toy reviews and show you how cool something is. I think I can do better writing a review of it and showing some pictures than making it a video. Again, later on, that.

There is a whole plan I wrote out for my roadmap for Majin Planet from Phase One to Phase Four! What I want to reach, giving myself goals to reach by setting dates before I move on to the next.

I don’t know really how far I will go. I’ll lose people, I’ve already lost people. Close people, people I really care about. I cry over it, trust me. I’m going to be very real on this site again.

In the future, I want to get this blog to 100,000 readers. It’ll be working. Daily blogs aren’t easy. But I’ve done it before. I had a blog called Hunter Mastery back in 2010. Was based on World of Warcraft, I talked about Hunters and Gold making and I wrote daily content. Guess what? It grew and would have kept growing hadn’t I well, been dumb.

Majin Planet will change and pages will be made as time goes on. I know it’s not going to be fixed overnight thing. But I’m focused on making the blog the center and the best it can be. I’ve set my goal for four months. When everything I’ve done since 1996. If I work daily, I’m sure I can bring this place to an active community again.

As for social media, I’m only on Twitter, lucky I didn’t get rid of YouTube, which right now will be a side project, but will not be by any means a focus or fill my mind daily on what I’m gonna do with it. In time there will be a mailing list and you’ll be able to subscribe by RSS feed, etc.

Until Next Time.

Am I Evil Yes I Am!

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