King of the Hill 2020

Jul 1, 2020The Blog

King of the Hill was a contest run on Majin Planet as a Music Video contest in which one person was the top dog and each week another video would be put up against it. To see who the top winner would be, and that person would be King of the Hill. This content would run in the summer and generally lasted one month. This year in the case of COVID-19 making it very hard to have event gatherings as we’ve been doing since 2016, this years’ King of the Hill was different.

Online Event King of the Hill 2020

This year we ran King of the Hill as an online content, to which each time a person donated starts, shared the stream, like, or followed us on Social Media, including becoming a Patreon, you earned points. At the end of the month, we added all those points together and that person would become the King of the Hill Champion.

The Champ

As the King of the Hill champion, you have the right to brag about being Majin Planet’s Top Fan until the King of the Hill 2021 event. They also earned a $50 prize. We also offer runner-up prizes to the top 4.

Congratulations to Gary who earned the most points in the 2020 King of the Hill event!

Top 4 Runner ups

  1. Daniel
  2. Mary
  3. Rachael
  4. Elizabeth
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