Written byProfessor Prime

Kudos! I came through!

So what do you guys think of the new layout? It looks awesome, if I don’t say so myself. This is actually my fourth try. The others, well, didn’t work it. It didn’t really suit the site so I had to stay up ’til 2 A.M. to come up with one so it would be up today like I promised. And as you can see, I’m a man of my word. I hope you guys like it. I hope you do, it took me a while to make this one.

As for the ‘Multiple Layouts’ feature, that will just have to come later. I’m really exhausted right now, so you can expect the other two layouts in a week or two. Don’t forget to post your comments. If you don’t like what you see, please use constructive criticism. Your point comes across much cleaere that way anyway. This is the mark of the new Majin Planet. We’re trying to head to that “professional” level. I want the site to be enjoyed by everyone of all ages, even the little ones, so please don’t use vulgar terms.

P.S., the pages will be fixed later. I’m well aware of the images that has white backgrounds. Oh, and here are the results for the poll:

Information (Basics Guide, etc.) (15) 11%
Interactions (Triad, KOF, etc.) (15) 11%
Multimedia (101) 77%
Number of votes: 131.

Later guys…