Majin Planet 22nd Anniversary

Nov 20, 2021The Blog

Hey guys, Professor M is here, and it’s been a while has it? Yeah, that is totally on me. I’ve been so busy doing so many things behind the scenes that I tend to forget to do the thing I wanna do. That is creating content. It’s crazy thinking about how another year has almost come and gone. Majin Planet has changed a whole lot in the last year.

We launched the online Store (Sort of), we got back into streaming again, and really had a good October in posting videos again. All of this is to get into building what Majin Planet can be. Even now some people still remember Majin Planet has to be that Dragon Ball website, it’s something to our roots and it’s what makes Majin Planet what it is.

As I talked about a year ago, Majin Planet changing its focus to the collecting side of things. That hasn’t changed, but what has changed is our focus and the drive to bring you great content, let it be on YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, or on the website itself. I’m really looking forward to streaming more not just on YouTube, both on Majin Planet TV and Majin Planet Gaming as well but also now on Twitter and a new service called Trovo. I’m gonna try it out.

The Return to Twitch and 22nd Anniversary

So I haven’t streamed on Twitch since like 2017, back then I did Hearthstone a lot as well as all the Game Night streams we used to do. I’m not gonna lie, part of me misses doing those game nights. I’ve had some friends ask me when they are coming back. The short answer is they aren’t.

Trying to get a massive of 4-5 people together in a planned event for some games, free food and drinks sounds amazing, right? Well, some people I know kind of wanted some of the pie. While Mr. J, Dad Gaming, Don Campeon, and Outlaw Dan have all been rather supportive. All of which are some form of content creators both small and growing. They all know that this is my thing. They pass me ideas but never try to step on my feet as some have in the past.

Coming back to streaming on Twitch is something I wanna try again because it’ll just get my content out to more people. The way I see it, if you’re someone who streams, you enjoy it, and are not tied down to some big contact that’s paying you a living wage then why limit yourself to just one service?

I get some people may not be able to set it up. Something I also wanna spend some time on showcasing as well. On top of the Toy Reviews, unboxing, collection discussions, movie reviews, and discussions I’ve found that Majin Planet is a place for nerds. A place for people to come together and nerd out over stuff they enjoy in entertainment.

With this year’s 22nd Anniversary we’re gonna be doing something rather different. I’m gonna talk about it in some detail on Tonight’s live stream. Once I get the PC going, I’ll have all the details on this year’s online event, the future of events for Majin Planet in 2022, how we’re gonna be live streaming and so much more.

Don’t forget to watch us live Saturday, November 20th at 8:30 PM CST on Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube, Twitter, and Trovo.

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