Written byProfessor Prime


Ok, well TrunksHop.net expires next month so I got a new domain name for the site, Majin-Planet.net, update your favorites

Also, now your able to leave comments about the news posts! Just click on the thing that says comments and you can leave a comment.

Oh, and i no its a bit soon for a layout but I’m working on a layout currently that will keep the same good looking graphix of the new layout but have somewhat of the old setup of the past Majin Planet layouts with the drop down menus.

Also, there have been a few people who dont seem to “appreciate” me working hear on Majin Planet. So either leave comments or e-mail me telling me if you think I’ve done a good job on the site or if you think i’m waisting my time and if you want me to continue working here or not.

– MajinTrunks