Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2

Nov 27, 2021The Blog

So it’s finally happened, Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2 drop on Netflix over this last week and I took the time to watch the full 5 episodes. If you watched my video I did well some 4 months ago when Part One dropped you’d know that I more or less hated the show. Just a warning there are spoilers so if you haven’t watched the show yet.

Yes, of course, the show had some heart and some good cool moments. The animation and overall acting were good, even with some parts of acting just a little meh to me. As with anything a person’s opinion can change over time and while I haven’t really watched part 1 more than once, I feel like it was a direction they wanted to go and fans just hated it.

Was it all the Teela show?

Yes and no, most people who grew up watching the old cartoon are well into their late 30’s now. Unless you grew up with the 2002 show which was really good and I enjoyed how they made He-Man and Adam different enough unlike the OG show.

I think the issue with the show, being the “Teela” show was that yes it focused on her more than He-Man or any other character. Well, that’s because she is the daughter of the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull. That kind of makes her a big deal. While the 80s show didn’t really dive into that, it was really just met to sell toys. It was comics and video games that followed that fleshed that story out. Heck, Teela becomes Adam’s wife and they have a child.

Marketing was bad

I’ll say that the marketing for this show was rather bad and I think the PR about it after the fan’s backlash and leaks and how they handle it was not good. I feel this show should have just been done as a 2-hour movie. Really think it would have done better and cut out all the not-needed stuff. The stinger at the end of part 2 doesn’t pay off and the trailer for Part 2 spoiled most of the big moments.

Examples are a hulk-like He-Man after Adam summons the power without the power sword. Showing He-Man on the battlefield, basically allows us to know that Skeletor loses the Sword. Even Orko’s return was spoiled, which had it not been would have been a very good and cool moment in the show.

It was really about Evil-Lyn

Part 2 seemed to be more about Evil-Lyn’s transformation into a good person and her role in all of it. We even got a little of her backstory and how and why she ‘loved’ Skeletor. What was rather a hot moment and shocking moment is when she takes the sword from Skeletor. The closes thing is you’re gonna get to a ‘sex’ scene in a He-man show beyond watching some fan-made stuff.

The moment with Orko coming back and he gets the power sword from her to Adam. But she doesn’t change back. Yes, she becomes a She-Woman I suppose you could call it. Odd because after the Sorceress is killed saving everyone mostly, Skeletor makes Evil-Lyn the new Sorceress and then uses the Sword to gain power from Grayskull.

Did they listen to the Fans?

I’ll admit, I enjoy part 2 much more than I did Part 1 and I feel like the show shifted kind of away from all Teela and her friends. Focusing more on what the fans want. There is more He-Man, there are more badass fights, some tear moments. I went back months ago and rewatched what I could of the old show.

Honestly, it’s bad. Really bad and I couldn’t keep watching it. I loved that show as a kid. I had the toys, I wanted all that I could get.

So I feel this show was trying to be the same show, but a grown-up version to those who are now older. As to why the female roles are pushed more forward. Not just because of the state of the world in terms of how women were shown in media in the 80s vs 2021. But come on, every boy had a crush on Teela and Evil-Lyn, they were sexy and strong. Even know Teela needed to be saved all the time by He-Man.

The into was almost a rip from the comics and showcase the old-school designs of the characters.

I don’t know given only 4 months of time between the two parts how much was redone. An intro is an easy fix. But animation, story, and acting aren’t something you can just reshoot. Not like a big blockbuster movie.

Masters of the Universe Revelation would have been more well-received by fans had it been done as I said as a long movie or a 10 episode season all at once. Cut out the fluff and focus on the good stuff. Even cutting it down to say 7 episodes to tell the full story. I think people would have forgiven some of the issues part 1 had.

My Final Thoughts

Overall I did like part 2, it’s one I feel I may watch again. The acting was better, I didn’t once think of Skeletor as a Joker ripoff. Given he’s voiced by Mark Hamill and yes Part 1 he sounded too much like his Joker’s voice. I think near the end he found his voice for the role. Which is a shame, even with the Stinger at the end and a hint to what could come.

I’d be down with them being in She-Ra honestly and not the really poor version Netflix had done before. I mean a proper one. If you wanna make a He-Man show and make it about a woman, women power, that they are not a pushover and need a man to save them culture we live in now. Being in a strong She-Ra, sexy strong, don’t cover her up because it’s sexist. I know, from real feminists that being sexy and showing what you want to show is empowering, not to cover up and be afraid to show what you have to offer.

Goind Forward

That being all said, I still think the recont they did to Castle Grayskull was dumb. Even know Part 2 didn’t even touch it. I still didn’t like Teela’s look post-5 years after He-Man/Adam’s death. Her Sorceress outfit, there you go. I like the idea they made about Adam having all the power but using it for good only and I like how he could call the power even without the Sword. I did like Evil-Lyn’s story just we didn’t get enough and limited time of 5 episodes her fall to madness was rushed.

I’m down for more if they keep it more true to the characters and the universe and don’t try to market something that isn’t there or change things for sake of changing it. Some change is good, but the format of how the show was done wasn’t good. The whole story together isn’t strong and rushed with a lot of things not needed.

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