Majin Planet Media

Majin Planet’s focus on media has been a key factor since the beginning. With the very first Majin Planet Music Video, created and edited by MajinMebs back in 1999. Under the banner, Majin Planet Productions since 2005. Majin Planet Media Group is also formally known as Majin Planet GO. As some of you have been aware, who followed us on Facebook in 2020 that Majin Planet has been going through a lot of changes behind the scenes. Our key focus has always been to entertain and with that, I bring you the new Majin Planet Media Group.

Majin Planet TV - YouTube

YouTube is where all our videos such as unboxing, toy reviews, movie reviews, podcasts, reactions, and live streams are. After November 27th all Streams will be free to watch then require a Super 1 membership to watch post being live.

Starting November 27th, 2021 we’re going to be streaming at 11:30 PM CST.

Majin Planet Shorts - YouTube, TikTok, Instagram

Majin Planet TV will be creating 30-60sec clips shorts of both old content and new content for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. This content will be in short format and made for watching on a phone.

These videos will be quick thoughts on Toys, Movies, behind the scenes and skits.

Majin Planet Studio - Facebook

In 2020, we pushed streaming on Facebook. While I don’t think Facebook Gaming is bad, it does have limits that I find personally an issue. As such, we’ve moved off Facebook Gaming. Majin Planet TV will not be as active on Facebook Gaming as we were in the past.

However, we’re still gonna create content. We’re now going to be streaming on Facebook Gaming Magic Arena only three days a week. Friday, Saturday, and Tuesday.

More Majin Planet Media

Another way to Watch Majin Planet media content. Check out the Music Video section, now achieve but you can find many links to old Majin Planet Music Video content. You can also check out the Downloads page for direct links to Majin Planet Media.


Join the Groups

You can join us on The Asylum and talk about anything you like, share, chat, the door is open to you. You can also if you want a more focus group, if you’re a collector, then Majin Planet Collectibles is for you. If you’re a gamer, then Majin Planet Gaming might be for you then.