A Bit of History

Majin Planet’s focus on media has been a key factor since the beginning. With the very first Majin Planet Music Video, created and edited by MajinMebs back in 1999.

Majin Planet Media Group also known as Majin Planet GO. As some of you have been aware, who followed us on Facebook in 2020 that Majin Planet has been going through a lot of changes behind the scenes. Our key focus has always been to entertain.

Majin Planet

YouTube Channels

Our main source of entertainment for everyone. Majin Planet on YouTube has been broken up into different channels. The main Channel focuses on Toys and Games. Two Fat Guys at the Movies focuses on movies. Majin Planet Music focuses on music and Majin Planet GO focus on streams, behind the scenes, and other shows.

Majin Planet Social Media

While is the keeper of all things Majin Planet is all in one place. We are on a number of social media pages to connect with fans and the community across the web.

Majin Planet TV on YouTube

Majin Planet on TikTok

Majin Planet on Instagram

Majin Planet on Twitch

Majin Planet on Snapchat

Majin Planet on Twiiter

Majin Planet on Facebook

Majin Planet on YouTube is broken up into a number of channels to better serve our content to YouTube viewers. Our weekly Podcast Show, Two Fat Guys at the movies is now on its own channel.

Our behind-the-scenes, Skits, Live Streams, Custom Builds (Legos, Model Kits), and other content which is made to be fully alive, with some other style of content on Majin Planet GO.

Our Music Channel, VOD channel (for Twitch/Facebook Live streams).

For more info check out the FAQ page.

Our TikTok is still growing in terms of content. Most of the content will also be found on YouTube Shorts and Instagram. On our Twitter, we try to stay connected with fans to answer questions and short feedback on things we love.