New Channel Idea “The Armadillo”

Apr 8, 2022The Blog

I have an idea to start a new channel called The Armadillo. the channel will be main a place to host all my Hearthstone and Magic the Gathering content. I have well over 50 videos I made of both games from 2016 to about 2019. Also inlcuding paper magic, unboxing and Magic Arena. 

I’m well aware that a very limited number of people may be interested in that content. While I don’t have any plans to make any sort of Magic or Hearthstone content here for Patreon only. If anything it may just be a hub for that content. I haven’t played either game in a while now. I may not do anything beyond what I upload of those videos.

Guess we’ll see, who knows I may do weekly content about the games and maybe even other card base games in the future.

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