Written byProfessor Prime

Patch Notes 11.0.0 – Majin Planet Phase One Launch

Patch 11.0.0

MajinPlanet.com Major Patch 11 comes with the following changes, fixes, feature changes, theme, logo, content, and overall design changes.

Major Changes

  • Host Change: Majin Planet has changed hosts from WPX Host to Rocket.net. The reasons are due to lack of speed and overall control. Our admin panel on the backend was slowing down, even with ZERO plugins installed. After some research, and a small price increase to our monthly hosting. We’ve moved to Rocket.net for our hosting needs now.
  • Theme Change: Majin Planet has been using Divi Theme by Elegant Themes since the Summer of 2021 when we switched to the Divi Builder over using Genesis framework. The Genesis framework was not meeting our needs. As such, we’re using a new Child Theme of Divi called Extra.
  • Brand/Logo change: We went simple this time with the logo, truth is we don’t have a final logo in mind. I was very fond of the old one, used for Majin Planet TV. With the new Phase system, we went simple and to the point.

Phase One:

  • Majin Planet’s focus on content creation has been spread over several social media accounts over the last five years. Including TikTok, Facebook, YouTube (Several YouTube channels) Blogging, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. Our new breakdown is to focus on a few things at once and get them good and solid before moving to future Phases. Phase one is all about MajinPlanet.com and a slow build to weekly content on three of our major YouTube Channels.
  • MajinPlanet.com focus to reach 100 readers by April 25th, 2023, with new blog posts daily, centered around the content we wish to talk about. (Transformers, Dragon Ball, Magic the Gathering, Power Rangers, Toys, to name a few)
  • Our goal is to launch a Photo Gallery of collectibles and other cool photos related to topics on Majin Planet in Mid to late April 2023.
  • Majin Planet TV rebranding: The main YouTube channel will get a major rework and focus on Collectibles, both showcase, and discussion.
  • Majin Planet 2 Rebranding: Majin Planet 2 will become officially called CinChaos and the focus will be Movie discussions, spoilers, and theories.
  • Two Fat Guys at the Movies: WIll be restarted with all old videos being posted to a new channel, including an audio-only version for podcasting.

Minor Changes

  • Majin Planet content has been focused down into a list of categories:
    • Dragon Ball
    • Marvel Comics (Including MCU)
    • DC Comics (Include DCEU and DCU)
    • Magic the Gathering
    • Power Rangers & Super Sentai
    • Transformers
    • The Blog or simply Blog: Our catch-all for content that doesn’t fit into anything else.
  • ┬áMajin Planet Events: The Event page has been fully restored and reformated to our new style. There will be updates for the Event Calendar at a later time.
  • Majin Planet Music: The Music Video page has been restored and is center front. I expect to relaunch Majin Planet Music (YouTube) Sometime in Late June.
  • Majin Planet Features: Bring back some of Majin Planet’s favorites (Such as MusicVideos), Majin War, and more.
  • Start here: The new overview/about page is a short rundown of Majin Planet. Including Links to Updates/Patches and other useful links and information for those new to Majin Planet.

Fixes and Bugs

  • Fixed a typo in the Archives page, was spelled Archives.
  • Added an Updates page with a simple layout to focus on the content.
  • Added Membership Plugin to handle members and to add paid membership and paid content to the site in late Fall.
  • Added Cookie Plugin to disclose Cookie Information being used.
  • Added Lightbox support for Image Galleries on Posts, currently testing plugins.
  • Switched from Yoast SEO to Rank Match. Yoast became far too bloated of a plugin and asking to upgrade on the Admin panel was a pain.
  • Added important content back. Using the Wayback Machine, we restored many important posts to Majin Planet. Still in the process of adding more old content that is worth keeping around.
  • Added CSS Code to remove the Hamburger Menu on the menu bar for mobile devices.