Remember It’s Your Life – Make the Dream

Mar 22, 2022The Blog

Dreams are made of air. I’ll be the first one to say that life is bitter and yet somewhat sweet. You know that old saying right? Over some 24 years that I’ve been messing around with the web and about 20 years since I’ve been working on my website, blog, personal page. Whichever they call it this decade. One thing has always been the same. Even if it seems that nothing is working, I keep pushing forward.

Never Quit

There has been one song, that I’ll admit; I’ve heard over and over since I first heard it in 1996. That is Spirit vs Spirit. The song is an insert song at the end of the transformation of Gohan to Super Saiyan 2. Sort of fitting that Dragon Ball has been a very big part of my life since I started watching it on bootleg VHS tapes in 1995. I may have even seen some stuff as far back as 1994. “Day of Fate” has a fitting ring to it and the fact it’s about facing the evil sort of cool.

I bring up that song because running this website has sort of been that way for me.

When I started, I thought to myself. “This could make me a lot of money and I won’t have to work listening to some guy who makes more money than me.” Because let’s face it. We have all worked that hard retail job. That hard factory job to which we come in for 8+ hours and work hard, breaking, pushing our body for a small $8 bucks an hour. We want to give to our family.

Let it be your kids, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc. We just want to feel okay. Have you ever had that feeling that you couldn’t eat something because, well; You had like $2 bucks to your name. It was either eat or put gas in to get to work to make more money. I’ve been there. Heck, I’ve been homeless.

It’s your life

At the end of the day, no matter what you’re doing, if it’s trying to get that guy or girl to notice you. No matter how much you believe in your mind that they are the one. It doesn’t matter, you chose them. You choose your dream. You work hard to make it happen. Let me tell you something about working SUPER hard and seeing nothing at the end.

From XfireSystems which I started in 1999 which had ZERO direction. In fact, I couldn’t tell you what it was really about. It was all over the place. Then I had a series of other websites about random things. There was which suppose to be a personal blog. Yup.

Then you had a series of Dragon Ball fan sites, all with this idea in my head. I could write amazing content and I’d make MILLIONS! I’d be rich and be able to buy myself whatever I wanted. It wouldn’t matter if I was ugly. I had money to give. A guy can dream, right?

Dream Big

From BansheeForce to SithMasters (oh if you remember that one, hit me on Twitter with #SithMasters) To Naruto Force, and other just weird names. Dragon Ball Final and Hunter Mastery are the two sites I could say, I made money. Two that I could say I felt they had a focus and did well with.

But in the end. Majin Planet has in the last I’m not sure 10 years been what XfireSystems was. A mess. In some cases, I feel a reflection of my own life. A mess. So when I say to get out there, if you don’t wanna work that 9-5 job. Have someone yell at you for not doing your job, even know you do. To feel like no matter what you do it’s not good enough because you are poor. Trust me. Make your dreams come true.

No matter what it might be, pulling up a camera and making a stupid video on YouTube no one watches or some photos on Instagram. You are important and you matter. Someone will like it. Never give up.

Look at me.

20 some years and I’m still fighting the dream. At least now I have a direction

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles