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Stampede and Hunter Project Updates

When I last talked about my hunter project, most of my characters where right around level 20 or something like that. I’ve been working on leveling my hunters to the level cap and to be totally honest in the last few weeks I haven’t had much time to do so.. I got my Night Elf to 61, my Dwarf at level 44 and my Draenei sadly is still floating at level 1.

Today is a raid night for me, I however while I want to be helpful for my guild and be there, I’m about middle of the charts in terms of damage. I would have to totally reset up my bars for my off-spec and macros. It’s a pain in the ass. My goal coming into Mist of Pandaria is for my main server to have all Alliance hunters level my main to level cap, than level a new panda hunter, and go from there.

So that said, for this week I’m going to semi-putting everything on hold, that includes leveling on the EU servers, which I’ll still check for gold making wise as well as my YouTube Channel. I have been working on some ideas for videos but I haven’t gotten them out yet. I also due to some new achievements in the beta, want to also level horde hunters.

Speaking of the beta, I’ve been working on and off with it. As most people would know that once the raid testing has started, the chances of it being release is much sooner than most people think. I know there are people who say that Mist will be out in late fall, November or something. No I think either late August or September at the best.

I’ve been mostly doing duels and PVP in beta. I haven’t reached the level cap and I never will because for one I find leveling in a beta to be annoying. Even if they speed up leveling, it still takes time. I find it would have been better to add pre-made level 90s but I’ve read a number of reports saying there wont be.

This makes me sad, I was really looking forward to testing the new battlegrounds. But I guess that’s fine, I’ll have much time testing them when it goes live. Which is another thing. I’ve decided that I’ll just be playing PVP when Mist of Pandaria comes out, PVE has becomes so boring to me.. that well.

Anyways, I got some news that I spotted on the beta forums, it seems that we got a little change to Stampede. Franky the idea of it, really is no different from Army of the Dead. If it was design to be the same, I wouldn’t much care. It’s one of those uber skills that you can use in PVE some times, sometimes use it in Battlegrounds or Rated Battlegrounds, but not something you can use in Arena.

Based on feedback, we are going to try an implementation of Stampede where the pets have more uptime (some combo of longer duration and shorter cooldown) but are weaker than they would be individually.

To be honest with you I don’t have any real feedback about it. Ghostcrawler feels that this needs to happen, as they have listen to the feedback given in beta. But I wonder if it’s a good idea to lower the damage, if the damage was the same as say a Shaman’s Feral Spirit, and last just as long… with the same cooldown…. you get the idea.

I think whatever the final design will end up will still be pretty awesome. I mean I had a feeling way back that they may change their mind and at the very least they are really working to make this a really cool skill and worthy level 87 skill. If you all can remember at level 85 we got Camouflage which most hunters would agree was horrible level 85 skill compared to the other classes.

At the end of the night we just have to wait and see what Blizzard ends up doing with it, I feel like I have so much I want to do, not just helping other hunters and gold makers to get ready for Mist of Pandaria but also to be ready myself. I feel like while I don’t fully find Cataclysm a total failure, I mean I reached level cap 6 times and hopefully will do it a few more times in the next 3 months.

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