Super Hero Release Delayed Indefinitely

Mar 29, 2022The Blog

So this is likey some old news to many of my Dragon Ball fans. The news of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Release. There has been a series lack of Dragon Ball content here. Mainly after Dragon Ball Super ended in like 2018? I haven’t found myself keeping up with the manga. Honestly, the direction the manga end up going kind of was off-putting.

The Dragon Ball Super Hero Release

I love the idea that they have something that kept things going with the movies. Even though we only really got Dragon ball Super Broly. Then I heard about Dragon Ball Super Super Hero. A strange name, I didn’t follow it as much as I should but the closer it got to come out with some kind of trailer I got hyped.

Then the trailer came out and the animation was just. Meh? Like idk I wouldn’t call myself a big anime fan. Even now I’m a big fan of Dragon Ball, Gundam (before seed), and a host of other animes that came out before 2000. There have been a few. Such as Death Note, Attack on Titan, and Naruto.

I’m sure there are a few newer animes I’m forgetting here. The point is, I’m not the anime guy. So I don’t follow many anime websites or news outlets unless it shows up on like or something. Which the fact that as of early March, Dragon Ball Super Super Hero isn’t coming out now.

Because of a major hack??

From my understanding the Studio was hacked, Toei Animation. I know there has been some bad blood in the west (at least with content creators). One big one who got his whole channel almost taken down because Toei cheated the copyright system on YouTube. From the report, the studio at the moment has put on hold releasing Super Hero indefinitely.

First I thought, maybe the movie was leaked online? Nope. I guess from what has been made public, Toei was hit with unauthorized access. With some internal systems and a slew of production, delays come forth from its investigation. Honestly, I wouldn’t be shocked if this has something to do with creators in the west having their channels taken down by Toei for copyright.

Pick and Choose

From the channels I saw that got taken down, most of them were websites that talk about the anime, some feature more than just Dragon Ball, like the new Naruto and One Piece. But some only was a guy talking in from of the camera about the latest episodes or manga, giving limited spoilers, sometimes this content wasn’t even available yet or targeted to the west (yet). So I won’t go too much into that. Just seems like a company is very much like Nintendo, very not open-minded to the new world of things.

Honestly, I would have loved to have added Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero to the list of movies to watch for Two Fat Guys at the Movies this summer. Set for an early April 2022 release followed by a late Summer English release. Now it seems like it’s not coming out at all. Maybe it’s the fact that the animation was odd or the talk about Gohan being the main hero. Granted I think it’s safe to say now the movies are like the Z movies. They are their canon.

Thoughts on Dragon Ball Super Super Hero

Honestly with the color changes to Piccolo, the odd story choice and bad guy. Gohan is randomly the main character again. The rumors of a power-up that would be as strong (stronger) than Super Saiyan Blue? What? Look, had they built up Gohan in Dragon Ball Super. Just made it so he got up to Goku and Vegeta’s level of Super Saiyan Blue himself. (granted they both surpassed that level). I’d be on board. But it became safe in mid-Buu Saga that the show is about Goku.

No matter how badass Gohan was vs Cell, I don’t think it would have gone over well with the show shifting focus to him and even going into GT (which is canon mind you, another timeline), and Super. I think they saw that the show couldn’t go with Gohan and so it shifted back to Goku and Vegeta.

Think of how Baruto has been going. I hate that show, I’ve watched bits of it here and there but after what I’ve seen. Naruto was seriously better even with its endless flashbacks and fillers of stuff. Heck, they even did a flashback once of content that was just shown the episode before and a bit of what was just shown.

I hope we’ll get a late 2022 release in Japan and an early 2023 release of Super Hero in the US. I guess we’ll see how things go and if I have any thoughts on it, I’ll keep you up to date.

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