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The Power Word: Gold Podcast – Episode 35 Reivew

Well it’s been a few podcast’s now that I haven’t reviewed the Power Word: Gold Podcast. This has been due to some time issues and changes I made from the time I wrote and posted the last one, which was episode 27. The goal for me is to get these out at least over the weekend that he releases them.

Jim from Power Word Gold runs the podcast and generally has stated that he wants to do the podcast on a weekly basis and for a while it was. But as of late he has spent most of his resources a time in livestreaming. Which he himself discussed on a past podcast is an issue. I believe that was episode 30ish, I would have to go back and listen again but I do recall it was a topic.

The Review
This week’s episode 35 is Jim back to basics in that he talks about most what he’s been doing, which has been live streaming and more live streaming. For him and those who follow him, know that he isn’t the kind of gold maker to run to hit something. As he stated it took him over a year to hit gold cap himself. Most of what he talks about on the podcast in the past was transmogrification.

However now a days he’s been talking more about level 77-80 flipping which is a great market to be in, he talks about the reasons behind it and his goals, what he could be doing and how much he generally makes on a day-to-day basis. There was some talk about how you could rise the prices on the weekend and lower it on the weekdays.

Anyways, I found that his episode was pretty good but not as long as I wish for it, the last two have been about 30 or so minutes long. Funny story, I was going to review last weeks but I find that doing a review on them after another one has come out to be well just lets move on. Last week he screw up the recording using the wrong mic.

This is what I like about his podcast, not just the fact he knows what he’s talking about, but he’s just a normal every day guy. He’s not one of those who thinks he’s better than you just because he has more. No it’s clear he’s worked hard to get as far as he has and people who look up to him. His 100 page gold guide has been the force that drives the ship and both on the podcast and stream he’s state this.

Overall it was a pretty good podcast, if you’re looking for a podcast that is fun to listen too, informational and just overall fun. This is the podcast for you. While Jim doesn’t cover too much in terms of the latest gold making tips or really talk about anything new. He did express his want to come up with some new ways for people who are just waiting for Mist to come out. My hats to him for not just doing a very well done podcast over the last year but also making it his day job which I believe we all wish we could do.

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