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The Shuffle

I’ve been talking about professions how they do need some changes and what can be done to make them better. But with that has come some nice new features that do make the gameplay and gold-making easier and better.

What better way to look at the new feature than the shuffle? With the new shuffle, you get your ore, it’s pretty much the same in terms of what you need to do since Wrath when the shuffle first came about in the late Burning Crusade.

You take your ore, get your gems, cut green rings to disenchant later, cut your gems, and cut vendor everything else that you can’t sell or turn into jewelry. With Mist they’ve cut out the whole needing to cut and vendor gems. This time around all the green raw gems are useful, you can use them all to make the jewelry and what you have leftover you can turn into meta gems which I think is pretty nice.

Now on the flip side with enchanting, most people are aware of this when you do the shuffle for enchanting you do end up having much of that as dust which builds up to the point you have too much of it and not enough of the other mats you need. Well, what I like about the new system is you can downgrade or upgrade your mats to whatever mat you need. You do lose some in the process but when you look at it as turning all that extra dust into something better, it’s an upgrade.

I’ll give you a basic setup on how you do this in Mist.

1. Buy Ore off the Auction House. I generally buy Ghost Iron Ore at 50g a stack is the highest I will go. I can still make a profit here.

2. Prospect the Ore into Gems. Cut the green gems into jewelry and mail them to your Enchater. (Unless your Jewelcrafter is your Enchanter.).

3. Cut all the blue gems. That will make you a profit, using TSM 2.0 will tell you if you’ve got good data from the Auction House. And post them

4. Disenchant Jewelry. Now you want to disenchant everything you crafted. If you end up with way too much Spirit Dust that you need, you can now upgrade them to Mysterious Essence and up to Ethereal Shard and higher to Sha Crystal if you need to.

5. Make Scrolls and sell.

Pretty simple, the best part about the new shuffle is if you end up with stacks and stacks of Spirit Dust in the past you could use the dust to make Bags but if you don’t have access to use your dust in that way, you could always shuffle that dust to higher end mats if you need them or to Sha Crystal and sell them if your server gets a good price on them. For most servers at this point I believe the Sha Crystal has dropped pretty low we’re it’s only worth selling them if you get them from a 5-man or raid and can’t use them for anything else.

For me personally, I haven’t done the shuffle very much because it does take a lot of time to do it. The biggest part is the prospecting of the ore than disenchanting all of the jewelry which can take hours sometimes. I remember back in Cata I would spend up to 4 hours just doing the shuffle. It can get pretty boring after a while.

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