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The Ultimate Gold Making Challenge

To be honest you can make gold with any class in the game but I just love the hunter class. I probably have more hunters than any other class on my accounts and I have like 5 accounts on one battle.net or something like that. My main account has been shut off for a couple of months now. Every now and then I’ll do the 10-day free trial. I end up playing maybe a few hours and I forget about it.

The choice
Right now I have a huge decision to make and I kind of need your help my main account has all my gold on my guild bank and all my max-level characters level 85 that is. I haven’t bought Mist of Pandaria yet, not sure when I’m going to do that. However, this decision has nothing to do with if I’m going to buy Mist. Right now I really have no desire to play max-level content because to make gold you don’t really need to be max-level level just level 80.

Right now I’m one of my dormant accounts which had just a couple of level 1s, I went and deleted them all. I then went and started a new character on a new server I’d never played on before. It was sort of random; I went on a PVE server, a mid-level range auction house from what I can tell so far. I basically started a new hunter and haven’t made any alts or a death knight.

My decision is whether should I pay the subscription fee for that account and level that character to 85 and basically use that account as my new main account resulting in me starting completely over. The only things to have access to for my main account will be my pets and my mounts. Oh yeah, I can’t forget my achievements they’re not that important right?

So that’s the question I leave to you today. Should I activate this account after my 10-day trial is over or just activate my main account and go as I was going?

Something for note I think I’ve had more fun playing this 10-day trial than I have and probably seven years that I played. It sounds crazy but it’s true. At the end of the day, it’s my decision but I want to hear the community’s thoughts. You never know someone might actually have a really good point; also it’s the ultimate challenge to have the feel of only one character again. You all might remember when I took up my own one-toon one-month challenge back in May of last year on the old blog.

So please if you have any feedback, put yourself in my shoes, if you had a chance to start all over, no characters at max level, no BoA gear, no gold, nothing. You had to play from level one all over. Would you do it? As of this writing my hunter is level 30, I’ve missed a few days in my playing and only leveled by questing. I haven’t picked up any gear off the Auction House nor have I been given anything by anyone. Would you do it? If you have any questions in terms of how many characters at the max level I did have on my main account, just look at the characters page of the site for the list.

Am I Evil Yes I Am!

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