The Will Smith Slapping

Mar 30, 2022The Blog

I’m gonna be dead honest, have no idea the Oscars were this last Sunday. To be honest, haven’t watched or cared about the Oscars like maybe never. That being said, I’ve seen and heard some funny stuff that came out of the Oscars. The way I see it, it is like myself making an award show and giving myself awards. Giving myself a good job and spending lots of money on a party after.

The Meme that won’t die.

So, I heard about it. Out of context as it was. That Will Smith, who I like as an actor by the way. He’s been in many films and TV that I’ve loved. Not everything he’s done I’ve liked. But he’s a damn good actor and has done everything. That being said, he slapped Chris Rock. Well. Okay… before I really talk about the birth of this new meme, let me jump back some, and let’s talk. I wanna talk about some context behind why Will Smith slapped Chris Rock on stage.

The story behind it.

I’m not one to report on things that aren’t really outside of the things I like. This blog, this website is about my passions and the fandom that I share with my friends and the world. The Oscars aren’t even on the list. Yet, this one I wanna talk about.

Will Smith got up and smacked Chris Rock across the face, open-handed on live TV. Then yelled, leave my wife out of it. Something along those lines. I guess later he won an award for best actor and made a speech in which he apologized for his actions. People stood and cheered. Some people like Jim Carry, another actor I love, though it was horrible that people stood and clapped at Wills’s speech.

Again, a bunch of rich people giving themselves awards. Maybe I care more if the award shows gave awards to people and films that are good. Not just the standard Hollywood trash. Even now and then. But it’s rare.

Well, if you don’t know the story, Will Smith’s wife has Alopecia. She embraced it and shaved her head. Chris Rock got on stage and made a joke about her playing in GI Jane 2. Because she already shaved her head.

My Stands on the Slap

I’m going to be totally clear and I already tweeted about this. I 100% agree with Smith on slapping him. Had my wife or girlfriend been fighting something like Alopecia since 2018 when she first open up about it. It’s a serious thing. Of course, I may have looked mad, but I tell you to want. Behind the stage, beyond cameras and others. I’d slapped his ass too.

Just got to be smart about that kind of stuff. Given he did it in front of well, the world. Kind of hard to get away from that. However, the memes that have come out!

The Will Smith Slapping Meme

They are so stupidly funny, even know I’m aware that it’s a serious thing. Don’t ever forget that hitting someone is wrong. Attacking someone, let it be open hand or not is unacceptable and inexcusable. There should be no place in the world for violence in the world. Yet, as I said before, I stand personally behind his actions. Even know it was wrong to do. I support him.

Yet those memes… god thank you! That may be horrible. But the damn man with things in this world. We need to have something to smile at. Here are a few of my favorites.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles