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Aug 29, 2020The Blog

I love toys, yes I’m in my late 30’s and an adult who loves to go to the store and buy toys. Now I’m not one of those kinds of adults who is gonna complain about something that isn’t made for me. The best example I can give is Transformers. Yes, I’m a massive fan. I’d say the bulk of my collection are transformers. That being said, I have some high-end cost $200 some for one set of figures from a 3rd party. I also have some Masterpiece figures that are $100 each which are made for adult collectors. But I also have those run-of-the-mill Hasbro Voyager Class, Leader Class, etc.

What can I say? I’m a fan of toys.

I won’t say that I had one of those childhoods where I didn’t get anything. Let me tell you something. My mother was so awesome and so good at layaway, that she put like 20 some Terminator 2 Judgment Day figures at K-Mart for me when the film came out. I end up getting them some 3 years later. Why? Because it was the summer, it was met for Christmas that year. Let’s just say I kind of forgot about it. My mom did too. She picked them up, hide them in the house so I wouldn’t find them.

Big shocker 3 some years later when we moved.

Growing up, my mom got me the first Power Rangers Megazord, I also got Dragonzord and even was able to get some other Power Ranger toys. I had game systems. Some stuff I had wished I taken more care of. Like all my Silver Hawk and He-Man Toys. I am pretty sure I had a good 80% of all the TMNT toys that had come out.

The Past vs Now

I moved to South Dakota in 2012 from Las Vegas and with it I left behind my ‘collection’ of the 80s and 90s Toys. Live can be strange and what I did take with me was very limited and things that I was very fond of. Like my Optimus Prime 20th Anniversary Figure. My collection was small. A few years later, I was able to drive home and back to which I picked up some super rare items. Such as my Shivan Dragon statue.

But my family was never too much on keeping things. Let alone things that were mine. A good amount of my collection was let go due to it being locked up in a storage unit for like 10 years. My dad had been paying for it for years. The result of storing stuff due to moving so much growing up. So when I found out some 5 years ago that he had let most of the storage units go to save money. I honestly couldn’t be upset. I just wish I had a chance to get some things. Like my TMN collection which is worth $$ now.

Resell vs Keeping

I have a sort of rule when it comes to keeping the boxes. If it cost $50 or more I generally keep the box. Because trust me, there will be a time and it has happened where I had to sell stuff. Such as 80% of my pop collection went goodbye last year because of reasons.

Most boxes I can flat out, I don’t generally keep the insides unless I feel I need to. Such as most of my high-end Marvel Legends items I don’t keep the cardboard inside the boxes. The big boxes that are. Smaller ones I normally have had no issues. But even now in my current home, I find myself feeling a little bit like, I’m a packrat.

Some things I do resell, sometimes I do buy extra’s with the thought I’ll sell it. Sometimes they are good choices, sometimes not. I have a set of Power Ranger Movie Zords from 2017 that I picked up when they drop to almost $5-$8 bucks each to resell.

I also have a small collection of comics, but it’s very small and mostly Transformers and Captain Marvel stuff.



Keeping it Clean

I’ve met people who have rooms full of toys and sometimes they never take stuff out of the boxes or they have piles of stuff. Because they have the money, they buy it. Whatever the reason, I never could come to that. I have to have 80% of my stuff out to display. In fact, just check Instagram for all the photos. Every time I clean, I end up moving something around.

Nothing bugs me more than someone who has a collection and it’s got dust all over it.

The Reviews

Here on Majin Planet, my focus isn’t just showing you a cool toy, let it be an old toy super hard to get now or something that just came out. I want to show you how cool they can be, how you can set up some really cool showcases of them. How to clean them, how to fix them if you break them. What to collect, how to collect, and why you should collect. If I had a massive house, I’d likely collect everything. But, I limit my collection to a few choice series that really excites me. Because if you’re not excited about what your collecting, even if it’s not Toys. Why collected it?

Here are a list of what I collect and videos as well as articles about them:

  • Transformers (G1, Studio Series, Classics, Reissues, Series Base)
  • Power Rangers / Super Sentai (Zords, Legacy, Action Figures, Build a Figures)
  • Kamen Rider (mostly belts and some figures)
  • Marvel Legends (Build a Figures, Legend Replicas)
  • NECA (Godzilla, TMNT)
  • Collector Cards (Magic, Yugioh, other TCGs, and Marvel Artwork cards)
  • Funko Pops (Marvel, Batman, Dragon Ball, some limited)

I have a lot of odd ends stuff, like He-Man, Gundam, Star Wars, Star Trek, Batman, and some anime stuff. A few model kits as well, but I am mostly a Gundam fan with those. I don’t own a lot of Lego sets, what I do have are still in the boxes. Mostly due to getting them super cheap but not having space. I might resell them honestly. I also collected a few Cosplay items, like Halloween masks that are cheap or some RP toys I see that are worth the money.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles