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TSM 2.0 and Professions

Well, I’ve just now started to really get used to using the new TSM 2.0, and let me be honest, some of the new features are confusing and it does take some time to learn how to use them. But once you do it really is a time saver and I’ve slowly been getting into the swing of making gold again.

Right now I’ve been floating around 160k and 150k simply because I’ve been buying some items. The reason I haven’t been making a massive amount of gold is pretty simple, I just don’t craft as often as I used to do.

So what I’m doing right now, is the setup and how I manage my time. Some of you are aware that I have limited time, when I do get on to play I’m not able to fully be in the game. So I get up away from the screen so doing any sort of activity that requires me to be there (like PVP, PVE) I just can’t do often enough.

This leaves me with gold-making and does slow down leveling if anything. So right now my main focus has been Glyphs and Jewelcrafting, And this comes down to two reasons once again they have gated end game mats and patterns. So even know I have characters at level 85 who can learn 600 skills in the professions, unless I get them to 90 or at least unlock the areas, I can’t even get those patterns. I really hate that, I remember in Wrath it wasn’t as bad, you could get patterns if you had the gold off the AH that dropped off the raid bosses and you could grind out some rep and level some. In Cata, it was a nightmare to get the vendors unlocked and in Mist is appears to be even worse if not the same all over again.

Right now my main, Focushot is at level 90 with 600 Jewelcrafting and Engineering. To learn the gems this time there are no dailies like before. You have to do one of six cool-downs each day to get a random change to get one of the gems of that color. You always will get something I think. Then you have one that takes those Spirits which are a pain to farm and I don’t have the time to farm them.

The next profession I’m working in Inscription and only because I don’t really need anything from vendors to make sure of the professions. Then I have Alchemy which I have on two characters which I was able to max level to 600 and I do the daily cooldown for Living Steel every day. That is pretty much the end of my crafting as they say. The only other little bit I do are the bags off my 68 Warrior, which has Blacksmithing as well but you know, it’s worthless other than older patterns and at this point, most of them other than the belts are worth anything.

That’s about as far as I’ve gotten in setting up TSM 2.0 for those few groups. I’m really loving it and I plan on doing a series of reviews about the addon as well as other addons I use. I’m also going to talk about some issues I have with the game, changes, and other fun little stuff.

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