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Understanding Majin Planet Patch History

For the next two or three weeks I’ll be moving to Overnights at my job, so my time writing and working will be either at night (my days off) or early morning before I go to bed. After I get home and get some basics done of course.

I wanted to talk about Patches and how I used them, why I use them. What is Phase 1 and how will all of this come together? Also note, that I made this section to be able to post updates but not blog down the main website with stuff like this. This is for people who want to know what’s been updated and changed on the website.  I’ve used terms like Beta before as well.

Majin Planet 2023 Rebrand Phase One (Patch 11)

The patches and why I use patch numbers, and what they are. It was something I started to do on my website way back in 2002. I always thought it was fun to talk about it like a game, Patch Notes to games. For those who don’t know what a patch is, it’s when something changes, either major, minor, or a fix. The first number is always the major version. For me, this was when I either changed the overall theme or logo change. The logo and theme often change at the same time. A minor change would be if I change the logo a little but not the overall theme, or I did a color change, added new pages, features, or sections, or removed them. The last number is how many times I had to do fixes, such as pages not working or features not working.

An Example

Patch 3.4.6, the first number is when I changed the theme to something else, often changing the Logo as well. 4 means I added or removed 4 minor pages or features. Now, doesn’t mean I removed or added just 4 things. I mean I made minor changes 4 times. Each time could have 100 things done. The same applies to the last number 6.

Majin Planet Patch note history.

I took over Majin Planet in the summer of 2005. At the time, I was on version Patch 12.3.4 or something like that for my own site XfireSystems.com. At the same time, I had started another site called BansheeForce.net about 4 months before., When I took over Majin Planet, I was also in the process of merging my own two sites. So in general, I reset my own website patch to 1. It was a new site.

I did the same thing with Majin Planet, when I took over and within 3 months I merge all my sites into one. I called it Patch 1. Over the years, I changed it to include Majin Planet from the start of 1999. Created by Majin Mebs as Patch 1.0,0. I don’t know any information about the site really at the time, other than what I can personally find still lurking online. I know in 2000, Corrupted Avatar join the site and at some point took over the site. I called that a Patch 2. I also know that Prince Majin Trucks came along at the same time and also was co-owner. A minor change was added, so I guessed. Some of this is based on what Prince Majin Trucks told me.

Prince Majin Trucks became webmaster solo sometime around 2002 when Corrupted Avatar had left. I believe Majin Mebs had also left before this. In fact, closed Majin Planet around late 03 and started a new site called Samurai Spirit in 2004-2005. I call it Patch 3, and 4 between that short time frame. Majin Planet was also offline a lot in those times, the Dark Ages as PMT had a hard time finding a host to handle the visitors at the time.

What would be Patch 1, when I took over in 2005, was the 5th major change to Majin Planet. The biggest is because PMT had also left being a part of the site. It had been more or less dead for a year. Even now Samurai Spirit was basically Majin Planet, just with a new skin and name on it. The content was the same.

Full List

Patch 1.0.0 1999
Patch 2.1.9 2000
Patch 3.2.0 2001-2003
Patch 4.0.0 2003-2005
Patch 5.1.9 2005
Patch 5.3.5 2006
Patch 6.1.3 2007-2012
Patch 6.4.6 2013-2015
Patch 7.1.5 2016
Patch 8.4.4 2017
Patch 8.9.2 2018
Patch 9.2.8 2019
Patch 10.4.2 2020-2021
Patch 10.8.1 2021-2022
Patch 11.0.1 2023

The patch numbers before Patch 5 are subjective, I took a guess on what happened, what I could find online, was told, and knew based on my own rules of doing patch notes. So you can take them with a grain of salt. I can tell you that between the first three Websmasters, I know there was another one in there, but it was short-lived and quickly gave the site back. The reason Patch 7 is so short, is that I had a major computer failure and host problem in 2016, which resulted in losing a ton of data. I also sort of did a rebrand back then as well, as I started to shift things. I was really inactive between 2013 and 2015. This was due to personal life drama more than anything and I hardly did anything with the site.

I plan on doing a History page on my history on this site and beyond.

So now you understand Patches and how I use them. I plan on linking to this page when I talk about Patches, so everyone can understand.