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Upcoming Changes to Patreon and YouTube Paid Content

I just wanted to make an update, so people are aware. Earlier last year I wanted to try and grow the channel, by moving stuff I felt might not get many views on the channel or cause a loss of viewership (Movie Reviews, Game Content, and the podcasts ex; Two Fat Guys) so I moved much of those to their channels last year.

What I found was, I hardly really did any movie content, at least at the level I wanted to do them. I just found myself not being happy with the videos I made and released, even know some did do well. I also found myself spending more time playing the games than trying to make videos.

As a result, I don’t think I got a lot done in terms of content because I split my time across multiple projects. While I wanted to grow more than one channel based on niches I enjoy, I found that I didn’t grow, and when I stopped doing that mid-fall last year (other than Two Fat Guys, still posted those on their channel) what ended up happening was this channel started to grow.
While I do still love talking about movies, I might stick those to written formats and post them on the website. Again, if you guys want video formats of those please let me know.

When I looked at how our Podcast Two Fat Guys did, viewership-wise here and how the new videos did on the new channel, I found it was better to keep them here. So that’s why I’ll be posting all the future episodes here.

That being said, I won’t be doing anything silly like moving those videos over to this channel. They will stay there and I’ve added them to the Two Fat Guys at the Movies Playlist, so you can still go back and watch them.

One thing I’ve done over and over is make promises of formats for content and then never follow through. I think that’s because I’m trying to do too much by myself. So that being said, I wanted to share my content plan going into at least summer.

– Two Fat Guys at the movies (Indealy weekly, but maybe just twice a month.)
– Those Toy Reviews
– The Majin Cast (Our Toy Talk Show, bi-weekly)
– Prime Talk (Weekly on Sunday)

Some other changes, all uncut and raw videos, will be posted on the day of recording both on Patreon and YouTube at $1.99 level. Starting with the next episode of The Majin Cast, the full 2-hour episode will be at $4.99 Level (YouTube/Patreon) the streamlined 45-minute episode will be on Youtube.

I wanted to keep things the same across both YouTube and Patreon, so you can choose which version you want to sub to if you so choose (Please do not sub to both).

As for reactions, honestly, when it comes to copyright and fair use, it’s become really hard and I don’t like the whole idea of uploading full uncut episodes to Patreon. However, what I am going to do and these will be at the $9.99 level, is I’m gonna pick one show and watch it weekly and post my reactions.

I’m gonna make a video going into more detail about this, likely start recording it tomorrow. That’s all I have for now, thank you so much for the support, and hope to hear back from you all.

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