Upcoming Majin Planet TV changes

Dec 1, 2021The Blog

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by today. I wanna let you all know of some major changes coming to how we market our content on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more. First off, nothing changes here. You can still find all our amazing content here on the website. Everything from Toy Unboxing, Movie Reviews, Discussions, Anime, Reactions, and Events. In order to serve viewers better who maybe have made the jump to the website yet, don’t know about it, we’re breaking up some content placement.

Streaming is now more Streamline

While streaming to Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook all at the same time is great and all for some viewers. But not for all. See some people only watch on one and when I’m speaking to someone watching on say Twitch and another is watching on Facebook, due to chatbot limits (Facebook doesn’t allow many chatbots) they get confused.

That is why going forward we’re only going to be streaming a few times a week on each platform to those who are interested. All Gaming content live streams (Twitch/Facebook) you can find those full-on streams as well as edited down shorts, and videos on Majin Planet TV Gaming channel as well as shorts on Tiktok and Instagram Reels.

So what about YouTube?

Our Main channel will still host our podcast shows, Unboxing Videos, Movie/TV content as always. Any Gaming content we already have there will be hidden but can still be seen with playlists as well as past-live streams. Some content is locked to members still and will remain that way.

However, we will be streaming on YouTube Monday afternoons which will be more general Q&A, Toy previews, Lego builds, Model builds, and such. I have no ETA on the time, but I want the stream to be at least a 4-5 hour stream. I also want it to be at a good time people can watch overall.

When are we Streaming else where?

We will be streaming on Twitch Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 11:30 PM to 3:30 PM CST. Focusing on playing New World, Warzone, DayZ, and likely World of Warcraft (I know!).

Streaming on Facebook Gaming will happen on Thursday and Friday nights from 11:30 PM to 3:30 PM CST. We’re gonna be playing Fortnite and Magic Arena mainly.


Oh yeah, those. I’m not one to react to everything under the sun as some channels do. I often time find myself finding new videos by Reaction channels than the original videos themselves. Which is sad. My goal when I started doing Reactions was only to react to Movies, TV, and Game Trailers. Teasers and Announcements for Movies, Games, and TV. I will never react to Fan-made projects or anything that is not a trailer or teaser for something official. Unless the creator of said fan-made content directly asks me to do so.

I am however going to start doing reactions to full films, anime, TV with very short cut-down reactions on YouTube. On the new Majin Planet TV REACTIONS channel. Those full-on videos will be for our patreon only.

All of this is in the works so give it all time to come together, slowly over the month that is how things will go down. Our major Live stream events will now happen on Twitch again. With Majin Planet’s 22nd Birthday coming up soon this month!

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