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Hey everyone I haven’t posted in a really long time. I think the last thing I posted on Twitter was that I was gonna be putting up Fuze’s music videos that existed once on Majin Planet. Well, that still hasn’t happened sadly because I’ll be honest I’ve been busy and sort of forgot about Majin Planet.

Today I did some major updating, I upgraded our theme to something that looks pretty awesome, and not only that some new plugins and some outdated ones were removed.

What do I have planned?

Well to be honest I’ve been thinking of doing some updates here, talking about the state of Music Videos in terms of DBZ and I might even go out and find some new upcoming stars and feature them here. As far as getting our full music video collection back up, that’s gonna take time.

I will be making updates on Twitter as time goes on, so do follow us on Twitter @MajinPlanet. If you have any questions please let me know.

As a side note about the forums, I’ve decided to shut it down fully, for two reasons. First I couldn’t find anything I really liked that worked with WordPress, I didn’t have time to really spend setting it up. Also, I don’t have time to admin them anymore so I rather not have a forum versus having one full of spam or a dead on with no posts going on.

Am I Evil Yes I Am!

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