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5 Reasons Kong was the Winner in Godzilla vs Kong

So have you seen that little new monster movie called Godzilla vs Kong yet? If you haven’t you can watch it free now on HBO Max. Just sign up for free, it’s super easy. Then go watch the movie. Okay, so you’ve watched it now? Good because we’re going right into spoilers and I’m gonna give you 5 reasons why Godzilla lose to Kong in Godzilla vs Kong.

First off, you might think I’m crazy because most people who watched the movie are gonna say that Godzilla won the fight, but did he? Let’s dive deeper into the crazy monsterverse and why the King of the Monsters was the real loser here.

There is no doubt in my mind that a general viewing of Godzilla vs Kong was to showcase that Godzilla is the one and only king of monsters. After all, he was given that title in the last film. But Kong? No, we’re not talking about King Kong. This is just Kong, he hasn’t earned his title yet.

Still needs to capture a young female woman and take her to the top of the tallest building in New York first.

5 Reasons Kong was the Winner in Godzilla vs Kong

5. Kong has speed on his side.

I have to admit that Godzilla moves really fast for as big as he is in these movies. In other monster movies or anything dealing with massive big anything. The creatures move slowly. The math is that the bigger you are, the harder it is for you to move.

Kong is an ape or monkey, look that part doesn’t matter all that much. But he is human-like. Think of how fast a small ant moves vs someone like you and me. Kong can get around just the same. With that, Kong got way more hits than Godzilla did. If you have ever watched a boxing fight you’ll know what I mean.

4. Kong is way smarter than Godzilla

Look I’m all for dumb monster movies. Yes, I thought the final battle shot between Godzilla and MechaGodzilla was epic. It did show that these monsters are very smart. But remember when Kong was up on a building and tossed that broken part at another building? What happened?

Godzilla got confused which allowed Kong to attack him and get some really good hits in. I think had MechaGodzilla not been a factor, Kong would have outlasted Godzilla here.

3. Kong defeated Mechagodzilla.

Now you can call the team up, you can call he used Stormbreaker, I mean his ax. The truth is after Kong was snapped back from near death, with or without his new weapon Kong was doing far better against Mechagodzilla than Godzilla himself was doing. In fact, I don’t think my big lizard friend even got any hits in until Kong stepped in.

Now you can say that Godzilla was tired, but I think the proof is there. Kong is stronger the longer he fights than Godzilla.

2. Kong is humanity’s last hope

Listen I don’t know about you, but Kong didn’t try to destroy everything or go crazy because his old bully showed up. If you think back, Godzilla only cared about fighting other monsters, any time he went up against something that outclasses him. He needed help. I’m thinking about King to the Monsters. Humans help him out there.

I mean they said it a number of times in the movie. Even now by all standards, Godzilla was protecting humans, right? I don’t think so. I think it was more that there was no big mad around for him to toss around until MechaGodzilla went online.

1. Kong is more relatable

Don’t get me wrong, Godzilla is awesome, but for building a true bond with humans. Kong is your monster. He knows sign language and can speak to humans who can understand it. He never showed any harm to any other human, other than those bad ones. Even I cheer when he crushed that ship in the Hollow Earth.

The final point here is, that Godzilla may have gotten a few wins in their small fights as the movie went on. In the end, Godzilla was the one who ends up being beaten down by an old foe and Kong was the one who came in and claim the win. I think had they kept fighting after that, Kong would have ended up defeating Godzilla.


In the movie Godzilla vs Kong, you have 5 reasons why Kong was the real winner. Not only did he defeat MechaGodzilla. Kong was able to do things that Godzilla wasn’t able to do. Such as fighting him on even ground and getting back up. But it’s clear that Kong was just a baby in this movie.

You can see in the old war between their races, Kong had defeated Godzilla’s and even made a nice little blade out of his backplate. You see skulls of Godzilla all over. But nothing of Kongs. In the end, Godzilla vs Kong was a fun movie and the real winner are the fans of these two big monsters.

Myself, I’m a big Godzilla fan, and yeah I cheer that he won the overall fight but after watching the film twice I can safe to say that these two monsters will have another fight. I think next time it’ll be King Kong who steps up to the King of the Monsters. I think it’s just fun to look at it another way because we all know. Godzilla wins in the end, right?

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