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If you haven’t heard yet and this is your first time hearing about it then, you’re in luck. I want to share something pretty amazing with all the Majin Planet Followers, readers, and anyone who happens to pass this post. Our former webmaster, friend, and fellow evil follower, Prince Majin Trunks is back!

Only on a whole new level, something even greater than his time here on Majin Planet. He needs funding for a project that he’s starting called Wrestling University – A Look Inside Pro Wrestling School.

Some of you might not know, but he was training to become a pro wrestler and his dream was cut short due to being hurt and breaking his ankle.


He’s starting up a documentary that takes you behind the scenes of pro wrestling school. Here at Majin Planet I totally support him. So even if all you can give is $1. That’d be a great help to him in getting this project underway.

So Come and all Majin followers, our former webmaster needs your support. Everyone who is a Majin Planet Follower and donates at least $1 I’ll figure out something awesome to do for you all.

If you have a Facebook, share this post. Toss it on Google+, Twitter, or whatever you feel you can do. His goal is $3,650 and I feel that the Majin Planet Community can support this. Let’s get it done!

Am I Evil Yes I Am!

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