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Choose Your Name Wisly

Sometimes I stop and ask myself. Am I doing everything I can to bring the best content I can? I’m sure everyone who comes by and reads might ask themselves a few things. First off I want to talk about the name of the site; I want to talk about how a website name and this includes the domain can make or break you’re blog.

As I’ve talked about design and content the name is the most important aspect of a website. Sure if you have crappy content, that will kill it; or poor design. I can tell you this firsthand because I’ve had some pretty horrible domain names and such the websites went nowhere and as a result two things happened.

  1. You don’t really care about the website anymore.
  2. You just wasted your time and everyone else’s.

So what can you do?
Well, you can do what some people will say, don’t come up with crappy domain names! That isn’t what I’m going to tell you, trust me you might not think about it at the time but the more time you put into it the better it’ll be in the end.

Some example, my first domain name, XfireSystems.com was a failure. I say that because it never got much traffic, the message wasn’t clear and because the content I did create was pretty good (in my own opinion) no one else could understand and I’m sure I miss lead people.

Why you might ask? Well, the name Xfire is in the title. For some of you, that is the name of a gaming program that you can get for free and use it to chat with your friends between different games on the PC. The funny thing is back in 1999 when I was coming up with my first domain name, no such company existed. On top of that, I couldn’t buy the domain Xfire.com, it was taken but had nothing there.

I chose the name I did based on what I wanted to do at the time; as such that never happened. The company that owns Xfire.com never sued me or ever came after me. I suppose I never made any sort of impact, I’m sure that had the word Amazon or Google in the name I would have been sued real fast. That never happened and I’ve tried to push the domain name as it was my first but the truth is I rather sell it off (which I’m doing) and go with the name I’ve been known for since 2005.

As you can see I made a bad choice, didn’t do my research and it cost me years of domain costs and time. To learn more about why I chose the name I did, I’m going to be crafting an about section to explain all of that. For now, I want to leave you with some words. Remember when you do something online you need to watch what you’re doing. Do some research and make sure you’re not walking into being sued.

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