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Design vs Content

Today I’m gonna talk a bit more about a subject that I have had an up and down relationship with over the last I dunno 10 years when it comes to running a website. This goes far beyond your standard what looks good vs what sounds good. There is nothing worst in the world than having to deal with something bad, or even to have something so good but it has nothing to offer, it just looks pretty.

As a webmaster you can learn a lot by looking at content and design as a balancing act. There are some aspects that you need to consider when thinking of the most important parts of your site. This goes to anything you’re doing, we’re your writing a blog about games, writing reviews or sharing stories. The end of the day, your followers will be the ones who decided if your worth a few clicks or their hard earn money to buy your product.
Design vs Content

In truth, you can’t have one without the other. A really bad-looking site will drive people way in the droves BUT if they have the secret to the meaning of life you would never know it. The same could be said for the latter. Even with that there are some things you need to remember when you write your new entry.

Don’t write post that are simply just a copy-paste ordeal. Never steal someones else hard work! It’s fine to report on news if that’s what your about but try being the first one to post it.
The biggest mistake most new blogger make is trying EVERYTHING they have and lose focus on what they are doing. Focus on one or a few subjects your good at and go from there. Remember doing too much of any one thing will be more harm than good.
Sell your content not your ads. It’s fine to try to sell your products if that is what your about, but if your writing a blog your CONTENT is what makes you the money. A good number of blogs are only out there to make money, write to educate.
Always try to understand your target market and post related to it. Never blog just to feel like your blogging, you lose all respect by doing it.

On the flip side you have design, like anything design is the clue, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. When you think about it like this, if you have a poorly design site, no one will read your content. If you have a good design but poorly written content your just gonna find yourself on the show Lost with no way of knowing if you’ll ever be found.

So then what is the balance? The balance is simple, you need to choose what goes where and how they balance between each other. You need white space to give the human brain time to process, too much if it and it’s like trying to explain physics to a kid with ADD.

Most web users visit a website in under a min, the first look of the site, the top half, your banner, your links, your first header of your latest post for the day is WHAT is the most important aspect of your website. If you can not hook them in that moment, your first impression, you have lost them and its time to move along.
Where to go from here?

Think of your website as a store in a shopping mall. People come to the mall looking to buy, trade or well eat! The same is true for the internet. People come online to either be entertained or informed and to buy. Your goal is one of those, you can try all three if you know how to balance it.

It depends on your market and your target. Clearly if your about history you don’t want to have too many active ads or things that move too much on-screen. This can cause the eye to wonder away, which is how ads work to draw you in to click it.

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