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Dragon Ball Z: Attack List

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Click on one of the letters above to see short summaries of all the attacks used in the Dragonball Trilogy.

Basics on Attacks


There are many attacks used in the Dragonball trilogy. Some of these attacks are done by using just regular fighting skills while most are done by using chi.
Chi is the character’s energy, power, there life force. In the Dragonball Trilogy, the characters learn to manipulate their chi in order to do many things with it such as Bukujutsu ( the ability to fly ).
The Attacks
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Akumaitokosen: This is a special energy wave designed explicitly for a quick kill of one’s opponent. When the wave strikes its victim, the evil in his heart expands and causes his heart to explode. Of course, the victim then must have some evil in his heart for the attack to work.
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Bakuhatsuha: By raising two fingers, the user of this attack can create a large explosion that will totally decimate the surrounding area or the ground under an opponent.Bakurikimaha: Piccolo Daimao’s ultimate ki attack, this is an extremely powerful ki blast shot from one hand, the other gripping the shooting hand’s wrist for support. The time Piccolo shot this one might possibly be the biggest ki blast fired in the first series.

Barrier: This purely defensive technique forms a Ki-shield around the body that protects the user from Ki or similar attacks. There are two forms of this maneuver. One is a spherical shield that surrounds the body, the other is more of a coating of the body.

Big Bang Attack: One of the first techniques Vegita developed as Super Saiyajin, the Big Bang attack is a huge ki bolt of incredible destructive power. Vegeta holds one flat palm forward toward his enemy and launches the bolt.

Body Change: This technique is used by the leader of the Ginyu-tokusentai, Ginyu. Ginyu spreads his limbs out, shouts “Change!” and shoots out a bolt of energy, and if it hits its target, Ginyu changes bodies with that person. Ginyu then gains the strength and speed of his target, but not his special techniques or ki. After changing bodies, Ginyu can still do a Body Change. Ginyu will change bodies with the first person to hit his change beam, and thus if someone gets in the way of his intended target, Ginyu will change bodies with that person instead..

Bukujutsu: Not exactly a fighting technique, this is the ability to fly with one’s ki. Since almost all of the fights in the second series occurred at least partially in the air, this technique is used all the time during fights, as well as being used to go from place to place. The only characters in the first series that could use it since their first appearances were Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Piccolo. (and maybe Pooalu?) Almost every one of the other characters learns to fly eventually, and by the time DBZ comes around, every major character can.

Burning Attack: Future Trunks’ trademark ki attack, this is a powerful energy blast shot from both hands. Trunks hold both hands forward, do some strange arm moves, and then put both hands forward again, index fingers and thumbs touching.

C (back to top)
Crasher Ball: A lot like the Genki-dama that Goku gave to Kulilin, the Crasher Ball is a ki-ball that is produced from the palm of the hand. I don’t think one ever actually connected during the series though, it was just used as a diversion.

D (back to top)
Death Ball: This is a small ball of energy that Freezer can create from either the tip of his finger or with both hands. While small, it is very powerful, and can even destroy planets.

Dodonpa: One of the major techniques of the Tsurusen-ryu, this is a blast shot from one finger, which explodes upon impact. The most basic Dodonpa is more powerful than the most basic Kamehameha, but the Kamehameha can become more powerful. After being defeated by Goku, Taopaipai developed this technique into the Super Dodonpa. I don’t think this technique was ever used after the first series.

E (back to top)
Eraser Cannon: This is one of the most powerful techniques of Rikum, one of the members of the Ginyu-tokusentai. It is a large, powerful Ki blast shot from the mouth, and can destroy in a very large radius from where it hits.

F (back to top)
Freezer Beam: This is Freezer’s trademark technique. It is a lot like the Dodonpa, being a beam of energy shot from one finger, but differs in that it does not explode on impact. Instead, it is a piercing attack that continues through its target and can also be used to slice.

Fusion: This technique is used to fuse two people into a single person, and give the fused person a huge power boost. Anyone can do the Fusion, but you have the same power as whoever you fuse with, and you must learn the correct pose and form. It’s easy to make a mistake and fuse into something far weaker though. The Fusion lasts for 30 minutes before the fused person becomes two again. 15-dai-mae Kaioshin has a special set of Potara (earrings) which allow people to fuse without the pose, and that lasts forever. Son Goku and Piccolo know how to do it without the Potara but never actually did the move.

G (back to top)
Galactica Donut: This is a ki attack used by Gotenks to trap enemies. It is a ring of ki energy that Gotenks can control to change size of the diameter of the donut. The Donut can be used to surround the enemy and trap him by holding his limbs with the donut. Super Saiyajin-3 Gotenks can use an adaptation of this attack, the Renzoku Super Donuts.

Galick-Ho: The Galick-Ho is Vegita’s answer to the Kamehameha. He powers up the blast like the Kamehameha, but when he releases the blast, his hands are both palm-forward.

H (back to top)
Hell’s Flash: In order to fire a blast with the most power, Artificial Human #16 takes off his hands, tucks them under his arms, and fires a powerful blast from the cannons under his wrists.

I (back to top)
none yet

J (back to top)
Jan-Ken Punch: A Japanese game identical to that of “Rock, Paper, Scissors.” Goku then has three different types of Jan-Ken Punches.

K (back to top)
Kaioken: Taught to him by Kaio, this is primarily a power-up move. When Goku uses this technique, he flares up and gains a large boost to his speed and power. Goku can also use multiplied power to his Kaioken. At first, he shouldn’t have been able to go past 2 x Kaioken without seriously endangering himself but eventually can increase the power of the Kaioken to around 20 x Kaioken.

Kamehameha – The Kamehameha is the signature attack of the turtle hermit style of Martial Arts, it took Master Roshi 50 years in order to create it. This attack is a powerful beam of energy shot by thrusting your hands forward after concentrating a large amount of energy into your hands. This is an extremely useful and powerful attack.

L (back to top)
none yet

M (back to top)
Makankosappo: One of Piccolo’s most powerful techniques, this is a penetrating blast shot from two fingers. It is actually two blasts, one going straight ahead and the other coiling around the first for drilling power. This attack drills through everything it hits, and eventually blows up when it hits something big enough.

Makosen: This is a Ki blast that is used by Piccolo-Daimao. Piccolo gathers ki into both his arms, then fires a blast from each, one after the other. Not a particularly powerful attack when compared to some of the later moves, but it almost killed Goku once.

Masenko: This is Gohan’s trademark energy blast, and is fairly powerful. Gohan powers up a blast over his head with both his hands, one palm behind the other, then brings his hands down in front of him to fire the blast. Gohan used this blast fairly often during the second series, especially during the Freezer saga.

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none yet

O (back to top)
none yet

P (back to top)
none yet

Q (back to top)
none yet

R (back to top)
none yet

S (back to top)
Shiyoken: This is a technique used by Tenshinhan to sprout an extra set of arms from his shoulders. Therefore he can both attack and block with all four arms, significantly increasing his attack and defense power

Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack: One of Gotenks’ strongest techniques, he spits out a ghost-like form closely resembling himself. The ghostlike form has a mind of its own, and when it hits anything, it explodes, severely damaging whatever is caught in the blast.

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Time Freeze: This is an attack used by Guldo, the smallest member of the Ginyu-tokusentai. When he uses it, he freezes time for his opponents so that they are frozen in whatever position they were in. However, he needs to keep his attention on his victims in order to keep them frozen. Gold also has the power to stop time completely, but for only a moment, and he can’t do it for too many times without tiring himself out.

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Udebunrikogeki: The user of this technique pulls a piece off of his body and controls it to attack his opponent in some way. Naturally, only Majin-Buu can use this technique.

V (back to top)
none yet

W (back to top)
none yet

X (back to top)
none yet

Y (back to top)
Yokaieki: This is a technique used by the Saibaimen. They split their head in two and shoot a stream of acid from it, which is very dangerous if it hits its target

Z (back to top)
Zaioken: Another technique created by Mutenroshi, with this technique, the user can move so fast he leaves an after-image while attacking from another standpoint. Goku can also leave multiple images, I think the maximum he used was around 7 or 8 in Karin’s tower. Later Mutenroshi learns to make large numbers of images as well.

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