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How Long Should Your Blog Post Be?

For a long time, this was always a question I asked myself. How long should a blog post be? I’ve searched the web for this answer and I came up with two solid answers I’m going to share with you, both of which I’ve been using on this very blog for the last two months and used for the last year on my other blog I run.

1. 500 Words
I’ve been reading many blogs, one to find ideas, to learn from better blogs, and also to just read up on information. I’ve found that most really popular blogs have about 250 to 500 words max on posts. For me almost seems really short because if any of you know me from back in the day of anime websites I used to write out chapters of content.

Most people can’t handle more than that when it comes to computer screens. In fact, most people don’t really read, they scan when they are looking for information. So your job as a writer should be to write in as much detail, but keep it short. You also don’t need to keep to standard writing, such as having long paragraphs.

2. Write What Matters
To be honest, writing as much as you need to write to get the point across is the magic number. It’s basically saying that there is no limit on how much you should write or how little you should write. Granted I would shoot for at least 200 words if not more.

Some other tips I can give you when writing a blog post is don’t do what I used to do. I would write a crap load and never go back and read over what I said. That resulted in posts that were well over 2,000 words and most of it was just me going off about a million things. Sometimes I lost sight of what I was writing about. So keep that in mind as well when you’re writing your blog posts.

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