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Is Ultra Instinct a New Transformation?

I think after the epic one-hour special of Dragon Ball Super which is Episodes 109 and 110 which you can watch here on Majin Planet 100% Free. I recommend you watch them before reading this topic of discussion. This theory of mine is that Goku’s new transformation which for months since the first images came out was called Goku Limit Breaker or some even went as far as Super Saiyan White or Super Saiyan Silver. I have even heard of Super Saiyan Grey.

Ultra Instinct is NOT a new Super Saiyan Form

I know there are gonna be tons of Dragon Ball fans out there who are gonna call this form a new Super Saiyan form that is beyond Super Saiyan Blue. Simply because when Goku was Super Saiyan Blue he hardly did anything to Jiren. However, once he ‘transformed’ he was now able to match him and in some cases even overpower him to a point. However, after watching the episodes, understanding what Ultra Instinct really is and the fact it’s something that Whis talked about way back at the start of Dragon Ball Super, it is stated that Ultra Instinct is simply on the same level that Gohan’s Mystic ‘transformation’ was.

Ultra Instinct Compared to Mystic Form

First, let’s go back and refresh what Mystic was and what Super kind of recont it to be. Back in Dragon Ball Z, The Elder Kai told Gohan that he could unlock Gohan’s hidden powers within with his powers. Gohan sat there while he did this. When Gohan got upset that it was taking too long he rose his power in his base form. With this happening, he was already stronger than he was before. This is what pushed him to finish his training.

After it was said and done, Elder Kai told Gohan to just do his Super Saiyan thing, which more or less is raising your power. For Saiyan to become stronger they transform which gives them a boost of Power. This happened because Gohan had mastered Super Saiyan Form. Gohan didn’t try to become Super Saiyan 2, he went Super Saiyan. But as Goku had even said, he was stronger than he ever was or could be a Super Saiyan in his base form.

This is why Gohan no longer needed to become Super Saiyan, in the base form he was already as strong as he could be, transforming would result in him wasting energy to change when it wouldn’t add to his power. In Super, they have sort of changed it to Gohan’s form of Super Saiyan 3 more or less. Because they have shown a few times Gohan becoming Super Saiyan and then pushing beyond that but he changes back to normal and appears as he did in the Buu Saga, aka fans calling it Mystic Gohan or the Mystic form.

What is Ultra Instinct?

In a nutshell, as Whis put it it’s a state of mind of being able to react to battle without thinking. He was training both Goku and Vegeta in his, but neither of them would listen as a result. The way Whis put it, it’s capable of automatically reacting to any threat or attack without him having to acknowledge it. His immense reflexes can be used to attack and counter instead of just for defensive purposes. Because his body moves without the use of his brain, he is free to strategize and with the correct judgment, can dodge a wider variety of attacks, even in a weakened condition.

By this statement alone it’s not a power-up at all. The silver/blue energy around Goku was in fact as Whis put it, the Spirit Bomb charging his already drain body. This means simply one thing.

Goku can Use Ultra Instinct in any Form

Yes, Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan or as it became known as Super Saiyan Blue was the fact of both Goku and Vegeta mastering Super Saiyan God, which was a limited state in which Goku reacted with the same power of a Divine God. Goku then fused that energy and transformed it into a base Super Saiyan, this result was Super Saiyan Blue.

This means, that once Goku understands how he can put himself into that state of Ultra Instinct if Goku powers back up to Super Saiyan Blue, he would be unstoppable more or less. Think about that for a moment.

Ultra Instinct is a State of Mind, not a Power-Up

I know some people will believe, that well Ultra Instinct isn’t a new Super Saiyan form, but a Power-Up but it’s not. It’s a state of one’s mind. Being able to react to battle without thinking about it, allows you to focus on other things, while your body defends itself. You see that when Goku is just standing there and can block attacks and moves as if he’s just floating around. The truth is, Goku didn’t get any stronger than some people might think.

No, Goku appeared stronger because he was able to fight Jiren on equal ground because he wasn’t thinking about it, he was reacting and moving, you see it the very moment Goku’s eyes blink from the silver/white color back to black a moment. At that moment, you will notice that Whis’s reaction changed, they even cut right to him when this happened, and you will notice that Goku started showing emotions again other than a blank face as he was before.

Ultra Instinct Limited State

This is why he was able to get two big attacks off but ultimately the power failed because Goku started thinking again so the Ultra Instinct was lost. This wasn’t because he ran out of power, even know it might have been the case as well. So if Goku can calm himself again, he might be able to go back into Ultra Instinct and even be able to power back up to Super Saiyan Blue with it.

To be honest, I don’t believe we will see that white form again, as I do believe it was the result of the Spirit Bomb’s energy that Goku was using after his own had been used up. However, there is still a lot about what happened that is not known, because the Spirit Bomb in a way became a black hole and Goku fell into it, his willpower clashed with that of the spirit bomb which allowed him to break his limit.

Perhaps we’ll learn more about it, but I doubt we will see Goku get some crazy new form like Super Saiyan 3 or even Blue. The reason is I feel there are just too many forms Saiyan has and it was rare to even see Goku go into a basic Super Saiyan now.

Gohan can reach Ultra Instinct too

Far-fetched I know, for a while people and myself believed that the whole Tournament of Power was like the last arc with Trucks a throwback to the Cell Games, which would result in Gohan unlocking some new power and winning the whole thing. Even with the focus being kind of out there. What I kind of has a theory on, remember how Goku faced Cell knowing he couldn’t win but this allowed Gohan to watch how Cell fought.

Now while I think Gohan might not be the winner now but I think he’ll get pushed to his limit and unlock something like Ultra Instinct. Remember it’s a state of not thinking and just reacting. Goku reacted to this by finally like Gohan unlocked his hidden power and breaking from his shell. Gohan has already done this, while right now he’s far back from where he should be. Maybe something will happen that will push Gohan and he will go beyond his limit and unlock something like Ultra Instinct itself.

I still have hope for a Gogeta fusion or even a Gohan/Goku Fusion to happen given it wouldn’t be against the rules. I think it would be something super cool to see as they are doing so many throwbacks to the films and events of Z. But that’s another topic, in any case, we’ll have to wait and see once the official statement of Ultra Instinct is and how Goku reached it, there is also the heat factor that was pointed out but not enough information is out to come up with a theory on it yet.

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