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TSM 77-80 Shopping List

Today I want to talk about TSM and TSM Shopping list. For a while now I’ve been flipping level 77-80 Cataclysm items for upwards to 450g. Early on in Patch 4.3 I was selling for about 1200g but have dropped my prices down a great deal. I’ve talk about this a little big on my old blog as well a few other places like Twitter and Twitch.TV.

The idea of flipping 77-80 Cataclysm items came from Jim of PowerWordGold, where the new Scroll of Resurrection which gave returning players a free level 80. I had written a blog post about this on Focushot.info back when it first went live, but that post as since been removed and didn’t find a reason to repost.

With the Scroll of Resurrection you get a free level 80+Cataclysm and with it ilvl 232 gear and a spec of your choice. Well most people want to upgrade that gear because the 77-80 green are far better stats wise. Also you level 77 characters leveling who either want more power to power through the content faster in Northrend or, are doing PVP and if you’re doing PVP and not picking up 77-80 Cataclysm gear you’re hurting yourself. And as always some people may be buying for Transmogrification.

The following lists are TSM shopping list that need to be imported into TSM. If you’re new to TSM (TradeSkillMaster) and need some help, Faid (@GoClockworkRiot) has put together some very good video which you can watch her video on how-to do TSM Shopping List below. Now be sure to follow Faid on twitter as well as on her YouTube Channel.

77-80 Other Gears
77-80 Weapons
77-80 Gear
These are my current TSM shopping list I use to buy level 77-80 items. They aren’t 100% all the items. I every now and then, generally once every other day use another set of list using Auctionator where I search for all the Cataclysm greens and add items I haven’t added yet to the TSM list. You are welcome to use these list as you see and edit them and if you come up with a better list be sure to contact me and I’d be sure to check it out.

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